Wow Rodeo has a Epiphany

02 Mar

Golly Gee,  Rodeo has had an epiphany today..  She’s used her psychic hat and determined that in 1981 that I had a snapshot taken, while wearing a uniform knowing that someday around 2013 that this crazy troll on the internet was going to question me about if I was a police officer or not..  Wow, Rodeo..  And I didn’t even have to have sue curry in my back pocket..   So, why would I need to prove anything to you.. Troll woman?  Your running an ex-rated porn website over there, ashamed to post your own name.. Too embarrassed to post your own photos, must have a severe complex in letting people see your face, apparently your so damn ugly your afraid your run everyone off.

Rodeo was once encouraged to put up a photo of herself, but decided it would be bad for marketing the site.  No one would come back for a second visit..  In fact they would throw the computer into the backyard and set fire to it, for fear her image might have slipped past the screen saver and the ugly burn into the screen.

horses arse

Yea, even the horse is laughing at you bitch..

You know Rodeo, you and your trolls are like a drop of water in a glass..  If you people disappeared from the web tomorrow, no one would ever miss you.. No one would ever ask “Where did the Trolls Go”, in fact we would have a party and celebrate being rid of your sorry ass’s.   In fact we decided we’re going to trade you in on Andy Dick.. We like him better..   We also contemplated trading you off to North Korea.. what we get in return?  YOU AND THE TROLLS ARE GONE..  They would put you in a locked cage, you and the crazy’s can set there and masturbate all day n night long.  Andy Dick like that idea..

Whats next rodeo.. you so desperate for attention, you and the other trolls can shit on a paper plate and then compare which stinks more.  radio shit

You know when I told Rodeo to kiss my Ass.. I didn’t know she had been working on her own..


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