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02 Mar

“Get personal with your users. See the complete guide to social infrastructure to learn how”

Yep thats what ole Rodeo does, gets very personal, and she even gives talks to business women about all the dos and don’s and how to make money..   Sorry we missed your show


Altha, we will work on this..  Hey, isn’t it odd that Altha Sood also is a distributor for Teddy Tin, and has a gift shop on line too..  Plus twitters.. you guys haven’t spent anytime checking out Ole Altha rodeo Soodtrigg or is it Altha rodeo triggsood.. shoot I find these guys spelled both ways..

You know rodeo, I heard that your momma in-law, calls you white-trash, sure most hurt your feelings to know that your so beneath the woman who gave birth to your hubby..  I heard he walked in the door the other night, heard you on the phone and thought there was another man in the house.  Maybe you can get a bit of surgery to take care of that voice.. Too much testosterone in your system I guess..  Are you growing a set too?Image

How’s your hubby handling that situation…

Next, lets tackle that slimy piece of snake meat over there at rodeos..  Fool that you are, when is the last time anyone around here, heard from Noreen..  And just who the hell are you to mention her name..  Trashy snake, that woman is better than you on any given day of the week, and for your information..   Misty wasn’t the only person that Noreen shucked the money out to buy a cell phone for..  You might say she did it from the goodness of her heart.. of course slimy serpent, we know you won’t understand that, since you don’t have one of those..  All you have a is a nasty looking little tongue..  And who are you anyway to discuss the Haleigh case, Misty or anyone else.. Your sorry ass wasn’t around during that time period, and we don’t need some slimy sorry piece of snake meat to tell us anything about the case, cause you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground.. So take it back under the rock..  No one ask you for anything.. so don’t volunteer, your don’t know anything. And whatever you try to make people think you  know, hell you’d lie about it..   We don’t care who Noreen liked or didn’t like..  If she didn’t like someone, she probably had a good reason, and I’m sure,  she sure as hell won’t like you, if and when she decides to come back to the web I’m sure she will tell you snake…   You come crawling out on rodeos with an announcement that your gonna do this and do that..  Your nothing but a JOKE…

The only reason the executioner needs to be announced of its coming, its hoping people will pay attention.. But most people are getting pretty wise to these games, and reached the point.. Hey serpent.. no one gives a shit!!  You know, maybe its time for rodeo to put you and levi back in your box.


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