Rodeo – Not only a Liar – But also a Thief.

01 Mar

Bottom line, been too busy to fool with the skank in the last few days, maybe I should say all of the skank’s.  Some people have a life and some people live on the internet while their suppose to be out having a life.  Well, lets make this short and sweet..  Rodeo, you managed to steal.. I WILL REPEAT THAT COMMENT BOLDLY,   RODEO, YOU TOOK THE PHOTO FROM A PRIVATE ACCOUNT ON MYSPACE!  SO YOU STOLE A PHOTO, WOW!!

Now aren’t you just pleased as punch of yourself.  A ten year old photo, from a private account, you managed to obtain and create this dramatic pile of dog shit to go with it.   Needless to say, those who know the truth about that particular photo are the only ones that count.  But, I will tell everyone on the web just when and where the photo was taken, and that displays the insanity that rules rodeos roost.

The photo was taken at Christmas, some ten years ago..  I had just taken a bite of a fresh home-baked cinnamon roll.  When my daughter snapped the photo.   Now, the importance of the photo, it displays a very happy time with family on a Holiday.  And, you have no idea how great my daughter bakes.  Her cinnamon roll’s are probably the best that I’ve ever eaten and I love cinnamon rolls.  Of course her receipt is one that I shared with her, and she made it taste even better.  So, rodeo.. YOU CAN KISS MY ASS..  since the memory of that day is precious and sealed in my mind forever, you can’t do anything to disrupt that special time and moment.  Jealous much?

And lets cover this issue again,  rodeo you people have sex on the brain.. calling women whores, talk about masturbating, now talking about strip clubs, cougars..  I think you and the other crazy’s need a doctor,  cause normal people don’t think like you do.  Maybe Dr. Phil or Dr. Drew needs to be called in to try to rescue what ever is left of your sick brains.  So lets go a bit further, you do remember the photo you’ve taken so much liberty with and displayed so much on charecters, that photo came from a photograph taken with my Mother, no long before she passed in 2004.  Does that not make you look like the true skank you really are? Do you want one of my Dad also?  To bother him your going to have to dial 1-800-ashes scattered!!  There is an ole saying.. Leaves don’t fall from from the Tree….. And since you did a bit of dig on Johnny Lee.. Do you really want to go there? You know he left another widow and family that would sue your ass from here to china.. Don’t ever doubt that!!  Family with the State Police, and Brother who’s a Magistrate..  And a son who is a Fire Chief..  You also know he was Sheriff for over 10 years. Of course, you can’t make me look so bad, if you admit.. I really have had a good normal life..  A real law biding, tax paying citizen.. No drugs, no drinking..  Sure does shoot your theories to hell doesn’t it..

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Copy of me2  research161

Since your so brave with other peoples lives, why aren’t you brave enough to post your own photos…..  I think thats a true sign of a coward..  Rodeo the Coward!!  Too afraid to identify itself and hides all photos of itself from the web, yet attacks, and harasses others.  COWARD.. COWARDS!! 

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