Executioner, the serpent speaks again.

26 Feb

I do hope you people remember what your mother always told you.. stay away from snakes. The serpent over at the rodeo has spoken again.. Now, its an expert on missing children. And for all of its claim to education, it continues to forget the claims it makes can put it on a hot seat.. Thinking it cannot be identified is a terrible mistake.  You see, you cannot claim someone is dead without,

1. personal knowledge.

2. personally knowing the details of the death of a person.

3. the state coroner has deemed this person dead, and issued a death certificate.

4. to make these claims, law enforcement would have many questions they would wish to ask.

5. its rather stupid to base a claim of death of a child or anyone on statistics, by the way these statistics are based on bodies already found.

So, again we ask executioner, what first hand knowledge do you have of the death of Haleigh Cummings?  Were you there at the time of her demise?  Do you have vital information from the person or persons involved or are you a person who was involved in her death?  Have you reported this information to the authorities?  Since you claim to know this child is dead, where was the body buried, placed etc.  Did you place the body in that location.  You see by making these wild claims, and just going to town trying to cover your tracks with statistics, you have actually placed yourself in the hot seat!!  And I think it might well be a good idea to start taking your postings on rodeos when it reflects on the Haleigh case and sending them to PCSO.  They might well find enough interest, and not be laughing.. to do whatever it takes to identify your sorry slimy serpent self and interrogate you. You need to take a polygraph.  And if they find you were ever near that child, my goodness who’s gonna be sorry now.  Apparently, you didn’t learn anything from the prinnie lawsuit did you, and remember the only reason that suit is not going right now.. The child and family decided to drop it… Prinnie didn’t win anything.  And your facing civil suit would be your least worry, its the criminal issues of what you claim you know that will put your slimy serpent self in the big grey hotel.

So keep on running the slimy serpent mouth, with slimy serpent opinions and I promise you, your day will come.. By the way,  are you sure you want to touch on the Joe overstreet issues..  Didn’t you know, the boys attorney keeps tabs on rodeo’s.  He’s been on board watching and waiting now since the last attack.. So stupid and niave you really are serpent.

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