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I saw the same topic with Murt having to go over and over again, with accusations.  First of all anyone dealing with mcnutt knows for a fact, she may claim to be a researcher, author whatever, but if you don’t have any of your facts straight then the whole mess is a pack of made up bull.  So Trenton Duckette is the topic.. Murt accused of harming the child, well lets start with the investigation into the disappearance of Trenton Duckette.

First of all the investigative information is still online, and there is a very good site to go by and you actually might learn a thing or two by reading.


Now really people, this isn’t brain surgery and not hard to figure out at all..  You have limitations on who has access to a child and who doesn’t.  Now if you read the report made by the person who worked at Wendy’s, it is really very easy to determine, Trenton’s Mother did not have enough time to cause harm to Trenton, nor would anyone even Murt have access to Trenton.   Apparently, Melinda chose to take her own life, rather than allow Trenton to end up living with his father.

Now, for the genus’s out there we refer to as crazy’s..  One bit of info you don’t have, because you people were so busy making asses out of yourselves then and now, you didn’t take time to find out.

Josh Duckette was a close family friend of the Cummings family, Haleigh’s Dad, his sister and grandmother.  In fact he arrived in Satsuma to be with Haleigh’s bio Dad’s Family the day she disappeared.   And oddly enough but children disappeared?? from their beds??   Whereas, now it appears that Trenton’s Mother may well have dropped him off with someone or sold him.

So, after reading that the child is missing, child has not been found.. But no where have I read that the child is dead.. So what is it with these crazy’s, that all children who disappear have to be dead?  Well how about the little boy who disappeared and had been hidden in a fake closet in the house for a year.. very much alive..  What about the Griffis little girl that disappeared, and was passed around family members for over a year before the authorities finally found her..  You know Chad Griffis, his daughter!!  Shall we discuss Elizabeth Smart?

Now, crazy’s if Haleigh were dead, why would there still be an Amber Alert up??  Hello, it went up in January of 2011..  It only went down, because of the crazy reports that were proven out to be crazy reports. Or for a better word.. Lies..

So, people who continue to want to search for missing children, are conspiracy theorist?  Insane?  etc.  Then my question is, what and why are all the crazy’s out blogging and posting about other missing children?  Is this not Hypocritical  on their part, being as involved with the cases as anyone else, and of course most of them just fought over Who said what and blah blah blah.. And the typical question ask among them.. Was the back door open or was it closed?

So, on what basis does mcnutt have to accuse and accuse and accuse Murt?  There is none..  So, my suggestion,  why don’t the readers spend more time looking through the crowds as they shop, eat out,  or while in the parks or recreational areas..  Just might See One of these missing children.   Trenton Duckette,  DOB: August 10, 2004

right-head3Disappeared Aug. 27, 2006

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