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23 Feb

Its hard to imagine anyone who has such a knack for hiding behind a username, yet when your discovered the reality begins to show that in your real life you have multiple names.  So, are you really a spinster who lives with family members and no children to be concerned with? And you just take on the families names..  The comments you made towards Murt’s lady is rather hypocritical since I doubt that you have even been in a live in situation, nor engaged.. And certainly not married.  After all anyone who knows you, would see right off the bat.. Your not the type of person who needs to be married, your too narcissistic. Just a hag who has nothing to show for its life with the exception of your sood records in court, and your pretense of importance on the internet.  when you sum it all up, just like prinne, mcnutt, levi and the rest you have nothing, you are nothing and you will never be anything.  The jealous that rages within is certainly showing.  Such is the life of a sociopath, who is a great talker but when it comes down to the realities. Just Ain’t nothing there but a pile of Jealously of others, and lies.. And your imagination for spinning a tale is really piss poor.

First of all Law Enforcement when called and people are reported are not going to set there and tell you anything about anyone.. thats a lie.  Now if you have a buddy on LE that visits your house and gossips about the people in your neighborhood thats one thing, let the chief know this is occurring and thats one unemployed cop.

The little tale you told about people calling neighbors and such..  You just let the cat out of the bag.. These are the techniques you crazy’s have used now for several years, wonder if you created a manual to pass around..  Let me see, the process you crazy’s use.. You call old and currently employers, you call neighbors and old friends you can find from checking people out.  Family members – brothers, sisters, Moms and Dads, and even ex girl friends and wives.  You make false reports to Children Services, you make false reports to law enforcement.  And the spoof calls that you people make, and change your voices through those aps too.    Bottom line, you just told the world exactly the procedure you people have been using for how many years?  You rodeo aka altha have no character, no integrity, and you are a miserable human being. you guys go through major bouts of depression don’t you?  What does your psychiatrist say, Keep on harassing people on the internet.. No..  your head doctor doesn’t know what your doing does he / she.   You know part of the treatment plans they have is your cooperation, and if your not honest with them.. You will never be cured, well maybe you don’t want to be.  Its easier to set back in your own little shallow world of hell and blame everyone else isn’t it?

You know, people don’t care what I say yesterday about the Haleigh case, so why do you think they would care what I said about the case 4 years ago.. Did this make you feel like a better person when you dug up this info and post it.. You’d feel better if you took your meds.  The ones your doctor gave you.. not your family or friends drop offs.

We can tell you have issues with alcohol, you mention it so frequently that it is very oblivious that you stay pretty zonked most of the time.  Now you also talk alot about sex, people who don’t have sex and worry about others having it.. tall tale sign.  You people also talk about masturbation alot, didn’t anyone tell you the ole tales about that?  People in the real world would think you guys are really very strange to have those discussions you have on the other blog site about Masturbation and how you do it.   If you guys are so proud of your post and concepts, take them down to the local Church and tell the Minister all of your little secrets.  Course the truth is.. you don’t want people in the real world to know anything, now do you?   Seems to me that the world you people live in, is really crumbling and of course it has to be other peoples fault, since you can do no wrong.   I can honest say, I believe Karma is all over you crazy’s heads..

So, keep on with your BS rodeo..  Like I say, when all is said and done your gonna look like the biggest pack of fools that every landed from a space ship..  See you really are alien to the real world.  By the way Rodeo, no one has ever given two hoots about your posting, since 99 percent are lies and harassment, you could disappear tomorrow and no one would be concerned.

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