22 Feb

It does seem that I am of great importance to Rodeo and the Trolls.  Almost every other blog the crazy’s have put up, Bare my name.   Where rodeo comes up with her info is really quite odd.  Since I’ve been in North Carolina now for 20 odd years, and my ex only passed a year ago.  And the fact that all of my children are now into their 40’s..  Hey Rodeo, you really are messing up with your tales.. Now, the question is .. How long have you lived with  the Sood family.. cause altha you are classified not only as a single in one family but a wife in the Trigg family so which is it?  Rather confusing since you have such a glass house that you need to worry about anyone else.  Anyway Rodeo, caught you and the trolls on camera.

Got one of you in disguise being lead around by Casey Anthony.. rbz-rodeo-feature-02  She really thought you were a bull, of course it had to do with your voice.. you know that deep dark grovelled sound that comes out of your mouth when you open it..  Got witness’s on what your voice sounds like.. Even said they weren’t sure if you were a woman or a man,  that’s rough when people can’t tell the difference.

horses arseEven the horses were laughing at you..  Of course horses have a great sense of humor they know a joke when the see one.

Troll_Gudbrandsdalen  I always figured you had a two headed troll over there in rodeo land, is this the disguise for the silly serpent?

rodeo-liftoff  Heard that folly and yawn got a bit nervous being around the live stock they had to come and go by the ultra lite plane, really surprised she would be able to run fast enough for lift off.

Pro-Banana-Riding-Rodeo-34110  Now which one of your  trolls decided to ride a wild bucking Banana.. Guess the bull riding was a little scary.

bel-zaratak  Another one of the executioner disguises..  Likes that color red huh?

 Rodeo and the Trolls Plotting   their adventures at the Arena  trolls plotting

trollFinally a Portrait of Rodeo, good likeness.

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