Is it Radio or Rodeo??

22 Feb

That crazy location over there, just gone wild.. You would think they have something to hide by the way the postings are going.. Maybe they do have the FBI and other State Law Enforcement agency’s checking them out.. They stopped putting comments and opinions out on Ohio.. and fixed their attention on just a select few..

Well, you know how pictures speak a thousand words.. Here you go…


Remember – The Attack of the Troll feeding Tomatoes..

And Altha.. the ones below, these people aren’t laughing with you, sorry rodeo, they all seem to be laughing at you and and the trolls.
laughting 3


laughting 2

Have a Great Day Everyone, unlike many of the trolls at Rodeo’s, I’ll be out and about with real human beings today..

Rodeo heading out on I-70 to work??


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