Boy I rate this morning

18 Feb

Now I’m a cougar on the prowl, visually and then I’m a meteor shooting to earth..  Wow, someone has me on their mind.. And they seem to be concerned with if I’m angry..  No.. not been angry at all.. is the answer.. Nope, not a cougar on the prowl thats not my thing in life.. and If I were a meteor shooting to earth whom would I fall on?

Needless to say.. Executioner you don’t have to worry, I’m fine with the U and Timmy connection.. If you promise to make him happy and take good care of him, I don’t have a problem with that.  As I said yesterday, the only one you have to worry about is The Rhonda..  You know, she may well tell you she doesn’t want him but we know she does, she’s chased that man now for years, just like you have. So.. your only competition is her.  I noted you also went after Becca.. well Becca and Timmy were good friends for a while, so you don’t have to worry about her taking him away from you.  You just got to get past this jealousy of other women who talk to Timmy.    I know you tell your friends you aren’t interested in him, but come on, you’ve been in hot pursuit now for sometime and that shows you intensity of caring for him.  You can’t fool us slimy serpent, we know how you feel towards him.. So, don’t worry I have no problem with your being number one in Timmy’s life.   You do realize putting your executioner avatar up next to Timmy’s photo, thats sort of scary, you want to provide us with a real photo so we can match your two photos together?

So calm yourself down executioner.. everything will be just fine, as long as you can get past The Rhonda..   Maybe it will be all in how you approach the subject when you tell her that you and Timmy are gonna be building a life together.  Just be nice and try to be honest with her, I’m sure she might calm down and not go Meteor on you.  And you don’t have to worry about the cougar imagining,  ya never know you and Timmy might be close enough in age to where you don’t have to worry about ever being a cougar..   And you won’t have to worry about any cougars interfering with your life with him.  Becca and I will stand back and watch and not interfere, I promise.  We only want you two to be happy together. Can we come to the wedding? What’s your colors going to be?  And the flowers, have you chosen them yet?  Well let us know..

Note: I forgot to ask, are you already married?  If so are we going to have to arrange for a divorce?  Or will you handle that one on your own?  We will be happy to help if we can.. Can Becca and I plan the wedding?  I have a few ideas you will really like.. do you want it in a Chapel or city hall?  You know with the Chapel it would be so pretty with all the flowers..  I’ll get in touch with Becca and see what ideas she might have..  Oh were gonna have a wedding.. so excited.. planning your wedding… Can Becca be your Maid of Honor?

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