The Serpent Came Out Again!!

17 Feb

Well how many reasons would one person have to continue going after others, ohhh I can think of a few.  Since there really was only one person who lead the charge against Simon and Jan Barrett.. Only one person who couldn’t back them down.. And the one person who had issues with the Cobra.  Many may not have like him, but there was one in particular who had major issues with him, and the trolls followed.

I remember a night, I joined the Bloggernewz forum, and there was a poster on that forum that Jan was intent to get rid of.  The poster when by the name of Marla, and Jan booted and banned the Marla.  Pickles was there that night and she whispered a name to me on dm, and giggled.  So, I’m not too surprised that she would get a mention.

Now in my opinion, the executioner needs to stop on mentioning children, thats not a place to go.  Using Children to blast their parents is not appropriate.

So, here we are the executioner is running down the list, oh thats right many may not understand the list, but Simon and Jan are on the list aren’t they executioner.  Thought I would pass this one up.. not even in your wildest imagination slimy serpent.

So, Lets cover the list;

1. Timothy Holmseth – why? He had a MEDIA Relationship with certain People, and he began to expose activity.

2. Me – because I had an honorable mention in his book and along with Thunderbunny put together the 911 dispatch tape and WE sent it to him, So I have an association with Tim Holmseth.

3. Cobra; aka William Staubs, who was a friend, associate, a private eye, bounty hunter, on the Haleigh Cummings case, and before and a short time after Bestest friends with his accuser.

4. Simon and Jan Barrett; well Simon for one didn’t take any crap off of anyone, he said it like it was. Good Writer and still is.  He was friends with Cobra and had him on his show, they revealed information that certain people objected to, and Jan got caught in the mix.  Simon and Jan Barrett two of the kindest people you will ever meet.  But threatened, and put on the LIST…

5. Karen Simmer;  being pulled into the bloggers group, and being given instructions by phone, and Karen ask a question, and the answer that came back.. Karen still swears to this day, she will take a polygraph on that conversation, she offered to take one for Gary Bowling. All he had to do was arrange it!!  So, if someone offers to take a Polygraph over comments on the phone,  do you really think she would be lying about it or crazy??  Use your common sense here.. Its on a video somewhere out there in cyber space.

6. Don Knop;  who is Don Knop?  A kind, gentle Giant of a man, who was married to one Ginger Lowry.  He was suppose to be the body guard for the staff in charge in Satsuma.  He did all the dirty work, including cleaning up the Haleighbug center after the night of the 26th of April. For some strange reason the issues in Satsuma earned him a divorce and child custody issues, which are still going on.. Been classified a dead beat dad, abuser etc.  Actually the same information has been passed around about TH and Cobra.   What can I tell you about Don Knop.  He’s a darn nice guy, a good loving Dad, and someday he’s gonna have one hell of a law suit pending against some people. And I so hope he hires Doug Roberts,  better known to the crazy’s as the Construction Lawyer.  He’s not likely to have forgotten the crazy’s, and would probably love to have a second shot at them.. You know Doug Roberts was Cobra’s Attorney, and he also acquired a Motion to Twitter to identify certain bloggers, example reddios, and Iphoneqn were on the list.. And for some reason another motion came down to squish that twitter motion.  Go figure why would anyone want to stop crazy’s on the twitter?

7. Oh this is Queen for the Day.. Susan Earman; 7th on the list.. what did Susan Earman do?  Oh she donated two transfers of Money to South Florida in the amount of 3,000.00 each transfer, totaling $6,000.00 for the Lisa Croslin Donation fund.  So what went wrong?  something about the money, its usage, how much Lisa received in a lump sum.. Something like, “you don’t dump 6,000.00 into a drinking /druggy lap at one time”.   This also spurred the second attacks on Simon and Jan Barrett.

Now, in all of this information you have just received.  There was only one person, just one person who had issues with each one of the 7.  And all of the issues were personal only with that one person.  Didn’t involved Levi, reddios, radio, sue curry, prinnie, mcnutt, holly,  NONE of them were involved in anyone of these issues, they are just the following trolls.   So executioner whats your story today?  hitting the bottle again and decided to pester Simon and Jan?   Well, it doesn’t go far, because if the choice’s are to be made, everyone I know would be right there with Simon and Jan, and only you and the trolls would be left standing in a corner.

By the way, I couldn’t pass this up.. its a funny for the radio aka altha..


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