Executioner has turned Psychic.. Yea Right!

17 Feb

Well it seems like the Execution seems to think it knows everything, about everyone and the question is. If any of its slimy serpent facts are true, where does the executioner get its information?  So lets begin, how does this slimy crawling thing believe that anything it may have said about HaLeigh being a dead child, did not effect the Grandparents on either side of the families?  Next, we know why Papa made his comments, we know who he trails behind with little to no common sense in seeing whats really going on.. So cut the crap on papa, when he does wake up and sees the truth, its not me that he’s going to direct the abyss at.

Next.. since the executioner seems to have inside information that it loves to put out,  why doesn’t it tell you the truth.. There is no mental illness on TH part.  Thats been a proven point in the psych test he took, and the reality here is.. The executioner is just plain lying out its ass about that.. And its followers aren’t smart enough to figure out when the execution is blowing shit at them or telling them the truth. In reality, the truth out of radio or the execution is on a scale of -10 and falling.  Now, lets cover the fingerprints to show you how the executioner lies.. lies like a dog..

Holmseth was working at a casino on the reservation.  Fingerprints were used for the employees identity, just like at a bank.. Oddly enough if the executioner knew about the fingerprints it also knows the real story and has made one up just to entertain its followers.  Continuing. The casino had a criminal that hit the casino, executioner do you know what a criminal is?? Someone who rips other people off and goes to jail.  The criminal to gain access to rip the casino off was taking the employees,  NOTE: I said employees, to gain access to the money and the chips, Fingerprints..   When this action was discovered, all employees who had their fingerprints stolen by this CRIMINAL had to make a police report, now who could have had access to this police report?  Oh lets see LexusNexus maybe??  So, who did you say you got this information from serpent?  So, what was that comment made about who trying to play victim that Doug Roberts was talking about?  And what was his comment about hmmm information hitting the web in time respect to the hearings?  Didn’t he use the phrase “he didn’t need to be a  Clairvoyant to figure out how the information was going from the hearing to the web”?

Next, how would the executioner know about anything involving Holmseth in the custody cases he has had over his son.. oh yes the slimy serpent must be Psychic.

“He claimed his former public defender was out to get him…. He claims the prosecutor prosecuting him for harassing Kim Picazio is out to get him… The judge is out to get him… That Haleigh’s “abductors” are out to get him.” 

Now serpent again, where do you come up with this, is this your imagination going haywire or do you just deliberately make things up just for an effect.. is this your manipulation of your followers?  Because if it were true information, you would have to prove where you got this stuff.. cause I’m sure there is nothing out on the internet or Lexus Nexus to provide you with this information . So, cough it up serpent, who’s been feeding you?  Did you check it out to see if it was true??  Or do you just post anything anyone tells you like your girlfriends radio and prinnie do?

And by the way if anyone wants to contact Klassand and ask her why I was banned from scared monkeys, please go right ahead.. Sure she will tell you the truth, unlike the serpent spinning its web of lies.  In fact, I’ll supply you with her email address if you ask nicely.. By the way.  lmaoaU.

By the way, I have no concerns about your friends out to get me.. I know who my enemy is,  and none of us out here on the internet actually knows how many times you post under the name of radio, no do we.. And by the way, its my enemies paranoid actions and mouth that keeps this going, isn’t it serpent.

Now, followers of the executioner.. ask yourselves one question.. Have you ever seen Tim Holmseth post anything about the executioner?  How about Radio? Holly? Prinnie?  Mcnutt?  Have you seen him post anything in well over a year that even mentions Kim Picazio?  The answer is NO!!  So what problem does the executioner have with Holmseth?  Why does the executioner continue to make references to Holmseth versus Picazio?  Isn’t  odd how the execution, slimy serpent that it is, has this hitch going on.. all it can do is blast me or Holmseth.. I think the executioner is jealous..  and I have assured it before.  Holmseth and I are only friends.. I just don’t like slimy pieces of serpent putting out lies, and no one else out on the web is brave enough to stand up and tell the serpent its a sorry piece of lying shit!!  Now Serpent if you want  Timmy Holmseth all to yourself, Thats okay he’s right there waiting for you.. We know you’ve been to his house after all you told us about what it looks like inside, and you know what he car looks like which means you probably been riding in it.. After all you did tell us last fall that you went to Minn didn’t you?  So you want to tell us about your visit there, did you spend a lot of time with Timmy??  Ah come on Serpent, your secrets are out.. just having a jealous fling here aren’t u..  I know you have Timmy’s number, but I’m sure if you were getting all this information you claim you have from Timmy, I’m really surprised you would reveal it all over the web.. After all Serpent, with the intensity of your feelings for Timmy, I doubt seriously you really want people to think bad about him..  now would you.. You know that all of this stuff you post is very very personal info.. and it shows your feelings for Timmy.  Lets be honest here the only one you have to worry about is the ex.. Yes, The Rhonda.. you know she might really get upset if she figures out that your really after the Timmy for romantic reasons.. Wow. This is gonna be a story and a half isn’t it.. Rhonda versus the Executioner with the little green men of jealousy reviling against one another. By the way, your gonna have to leave the Levi out of this.. I would hate to have all 4 of you on a conference call, you and The Rhonda fighting over Timmy’s romantic attention, and levi setting back, screaming.. “You Bitch” at Timmy.. That just won’t do..  So, make sure levi is left out.. And for God’s sake leave the nutz out of it, after all mcnutt will be explaining masturbation and Prinnie explaining how to dye his hair pink and purple, Radio and Holly both confused souls will be bitching and moaning about Cobras.   So, just keep it down to you three..  Timmy, The Rhonda and you – executioner, you silly slimy serpent.  Oh by the way serpent, how many twitter accounts do you have now?   hmmm.


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