Ahh Gee Whiz..

17 Feb

I no more than got the other blog posted and got this request to join my twitter, and it was…  @puppypaws_  yes, I caught the underscore..  know what it said??


Snorts and and its pissed off..  Wow all in two little sentences..  Now just who could this possible be??   I must remind them, only my friends are allowed to call me mare, and the Mare Leigh.. well there is no space in that its mareleigh.. now really people need to get that straight.  As for pissing someone off, well I do that quite regularly so if its one of the radio trolls or the executioner..  then thats normal.   Anyone else, sorry but you will have to stand in line..  There is already a crowd in front of you.  The snort.. hmm the snort.. who does that remind me of?? let me think about it for awhile and I will get back with you..

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