The Executioner Strikes Again..

15 Feb

Well the question is, which one of the heads of the snake was in charge with the last posting  of the executioner on


Was it Levi, or the Other One?  Damn they look alike don’t they?

By the way, I wasn’t sleuthing last night to find Jon Briley on that newscast, I’ve had it for several months..   In fact I’ve comment on it before, you guys were just too busy making a muck in Ohio..   Don’t you remember me asking Holly about the electric Meter Lamp.. Duh!!

So, lets cover a few issues.. Whats the difference between a Public Defender and an Attorney who volunteers to go Pro Bono?  Well, the Public Defender gets paid for his or her time and trouble, and doesn’t get to select their client.  Whereas, an attorney who volunteers to go Pro Bono, gets to pick and choose who they work free for.  And how would the executioner know what the FBI and TH Public Defender thinks, feels or says?  Got a connection in there executioner?  Shall we ask them?


Now your accusing murt as being a Mangina?  Seem to be awfully concerned about Murts gender and what he has to say aren’t you.. So is he making you crazy’s look like a bunch of fools, and the only one believing your crap are the trolls who follow closely at your feet..  Doesn’t say much for intelligent about your followers does it??

And me.. Executioner you are so concerned with my sex life.. are you worried I have one and you don’t.  Is there a bit of envy I see in the eyes of the slimy serpent?  Well, I guess you’re just gonna have to worry.  You see I’m from the ole school, where people believe their sex life is private.  I don’t boast to others about my private life.  Unlike some people I’ve heard.   Might I recommend a bit of Viagra in your life, maybe that would help..


Or maybe a few less of these might help..


Which ever, so why don’t you spend more time worrying about how to fix your sex life problems and less about if I have one, and in all honesty.. What makes you think I masturbate .. are you reflecting your own life on me again?  You really need to work on your own habits.. Its beginning to show!!  Bye Silly Serpent…

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