15 Feb
Oddly enough, naw it is n’t odd for radio  aka Altha Sood to put up a commentary that makes little to no sense, and today she climbed up on a platform and was telling people what the internet was like.  As if we need radio aka altha sood to fill us in.. So, I made a visual to make it easier to comprehend.    We are not going to call her guide to whats on the internet,  an “idiots guide to  whats on the internet”,  we are going to call it ,” an idiot made a guide to whats on the internet”.
I decided that the guide needed an illustrator to make it easy to understand.   So here you go radio  aka altha sood…   A visual of those on the internet …..

visual effects

Oh yes, don’t want to leave anyone out ..  There’s little ole me!!!

DAFFY014 Just having a great time listening to the music of the Lee Boys…..

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