14 Feb

Seems like Hubby Jon has made his spouse out to be a liar again… She not only didn’t find that casey video in the first place and got called down by the person who did.. Shame shame, lying woman.. But, a little bit of google here and there, and find out that Jon was doing the same thing before Holly..  So, it was jon who took the video from the woman on Facebook??  Hmm, and then I hear that dear ole Jon has a blog?  and it centers on Murt??

Well, jon seems to be that you and the holly are quite suited for one another.. And dang it no one can believe a word either one of you say..  And you have the nerve to blast someone else.. by the way jon is that a wig you have on, cause it looks kind of odd. Worse than the one you put on murt…  Its mirror time Jon….. Holly gets your glasses changed there woman..


Yea, I’m having a good time tonight listening to all the good music by the lee boys..Image


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