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14 Feb


Now Radio, I don’t care who you claimed to talk to.. the reality is.. either you are Altha Sood or you have been illegally using this woman”s name, address, phone numbers. so which is it?? So cut the crap, your name is Altha Sood and thats it.. you put yourself into this position and there is no way you can crawl out of it. When people see the evidence again, and apparently some need to see it more than once, to wake up and think.. oh radio’s been lying to us this whole time.. It is as it is.. So skinny up to the bar woman and just admit who you are!!!




reddios too

Now, Altha explain to the class, I’m sure their waiting with anticipation, how did you manage to email me with, and acquire the Gravitar name of Reddios with the same exact email address using the name of Altha Sood? This is not brain surgery, its absolute simple facts.. And why would Tammy or LeAnne want to stand up for your sorry ass.. In fact I think one or both would throw you to the wolves woman!! You are a woman aren’t you?? Cause on one of these it does say 2 genders.

So you want to take this a little further, so we can all come visit you on the RADIO??? Where your a Radio Producer on the Show??

Altha Sood

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Altha Sood – Expert Author

Your just all over the place there Altha.. busy woman on the internet, maybe we need to connect all the dots.. I’ll call in on your next radio show and you’ll get to hear my voice. How’s that? Of course we can discuss radionewzblog and on the air, and discuss all of our little comments back and forth. I’m sure you will be looking forward to that. Now you really need to get your facts straight, you see its okay in this world to be friends with men that are not gay, you don’t have to be romantically involved with men, Didn’t your momma explain this to you. Men and women can be friends.. Just as women can be friends. Are you romantically involved with all the men you know, and or women? Your momma should have explained this to you, if all you can think about is sex, then you need to go see a doctor.. Why not go see Dr. Drew, or Dr. Phil you can get a chance to go on tv and tell the world how you just can’t visualize men and women as friends.. that men in your mind is for sex only.. Boy, one of those two can make some money off your brain.. Now Smile!!

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