You Really Have To Wonder!!

13 Feb
Radio, aka Altha Sood is up to the same ole tricks again.  Latest, she’s giving advice to Murt on handling the McNutt.  Of course if you read her little story, you realize she’s telling Murt,  well you did it..   So, does this or does it not fall under,  Radio is a hypocrite walking!!   If Murt wasn’t having problems with McNutt, the problems came out of Radio’s close friend and buddy Prinnie,  or even I’m lost in this world.. Holly.  Now, it would seem to me there have been a number of other postings on radionewz showing mcnutts comments..   Of course radio would claim no responsibility when it shows up as the executioner posting the crap.  Like the right hand versus the left!!  So, if Murt is suppose to handle his problem with Mcnutt, what the heck is radio giving him advice on, would seem radio aka altha has her hands right in the soup.

Now, several months ago, I was given reason to believe that Murt’s good friend in Florida, an attorney was there for Murt, a friend to Murt.. Why wouldn’t that attorney step up to the plate and stop you radio aka altha, prinnie, holly and mcnutt from harassing Murt?  I’m standing back waiting for the smack-down you guys deserve!!


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