12 Feb

Its amazing that a person who has such a different life on the internet, would continue throwing out information on others.  Now, Altha how would you like to have a bunch of us start calling into your radio show?  Would you like the world of Women in the Business world to know what you little alter ego is going on about on radionewz?  Now, we could also start advertising why people should not go to your other websites, where your trying to drum up money by teaching others to write blogs on wordpress.


Altha Sood ‏ @newwriter2

I like to share resources with other business owners on topics i.e., business startups, how to write articles, coaching, niche research, etc.


wboradio ‏ @wboradio

I am the Women Business Owners Talk Show Radio Producer


My My, this does get deep doesn’t it?  See people in glass houses should post other peoples personal information, and certainly should try to post their children’s photos.

This is suppose to be a taboo issue, but of course as ruthless and relentless as radio aka Altha Stood is, she keeps pushing.   Do not that when you’ve been told that you have the wrong information,  you fail to do anything about it, therefore posting innocent peoples names and children’s faces.   You know that eventually its going to come down to your answering for the wrong deeds you do.

And to note, that the reason you recently pulled that stunt,  either you are one cold cruel creature who has absolutely no human traits of dignity or concern, or you are one lousy ass researcher, bluffing your way through.


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