Radio exercising her Mentality???

08 Feb

 Apparently, radio really needed to exercise her mentality today, this was about the best she could do…  Or did she give it to Way out > there Holly?


Well, radio if you need to take the classes,  don’t send the money to Tim,  I charge $25.00 an hour for teaching people how to really piss you and your group off.  And since I’m not part of your group that follows every missing child case that comes down the pike back to what 2004, switching to murder cases and then on to Rape cases in Ohio.  I can’t really teach anyone how to follow your path, or how you and your group manage to become so involved in these cases.

So, there you go, teach them yourself Altha.   And if my little blog wasn’t getting  under your skin,  you  wouldn’t strike out with this..  It seems that something I had to say struck home, If it hadn’t you wouldn’t be posting about it.  Thin skin there sherlock..   Thanks for the advertisment.   What did you say, your 45 going on 14?

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