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08 Feb

There is a Facebook site, apparently ran by a teenager, whos commentary goes like this. “Grownups call it back talk, but we call it expressing ourselves to explain why their wrong”.

What a statement, and in reality since I still have Grandchildren that age and great nieces and nephews that age, how well I understand the concept.  From the ages of 14 until they finally grow up, we have these added commentaries to prove how right they are and adults are just plain not mentally capable of expressing whats right or wrong.  Actually, some of these apparently never grow up showing the examples we have on blogs and twitter.

Anyway, lets call one of these teenagers, who has crested the age of 19 years, beautiful little girl with a sharp southern twinge in her voice and talks through her nose!!

Lets call her Susie_cue..  She has her own vehicle in her own name, and her Grandmother had given her a second vehicle in much better condition. So, Susie_cue decided to sell her old car to her brother in another state.  She therefore takes the car to her brother and drops it off with great hopes that he will repay her and doesn’t bother to get the vehicle changed into his name. Now the vehicle is to be driven by her brothers girl friend who’s barely 17.  The conversation began,  explaining this is not the proper way to handle the situation, license, titles and insurance the primary topic. And of course the what happens if the car is wrecked and its still in your name, and others are injured.. called liability..

The reply, which lingers in my ears..  Oh, Aunt Mary don’t worry, I got this. I know what I’m doing. I know how this works and its gonna be okay.   Remember, this is coming out of her nose, so what you read and I hear in my mind you really need to envision..  Well, a month later, the call comes in from the other state.  The car has been wrecked, by her brother, and congratulations to my sister. She really needed this.. the brother says.. Your gonna be a great grandmother.   I love my sister, and respect her beyond anyone’s imagination. But, since I have always held the lead in being the oldest, having the oldest children, having the oldest Grandchildren. I am so happy to let her have the title of being Great-grandmother, she can have the lead, with my blessings. Back to the teenager with the nose..  Although, miss susie_cue was engaged,  prior to heading to farther state for Christmas to be with her engaged partner,  two days after Christmas she announces on Facebook, that they were married.  Yes, the nose got married,  of course in conversation since then, I’ve heard the standard I know everything speech.. Oh Aunt Mary, don’t worry.. I’ve got this, I know what I’m doing. I know everything I need to know and we’re gonna have this and gonna have that, and on and on and on..  I keep wondering, why didn’t someone have that nose fixed before this beautiful child grew up. Or does she like talking though her nose.. And how did she learn so much in such a few years, and know more that any adult around her?

Now, Susie_Cue has a younger sister.. we shall call her Donnie_dee,  several years younger and still in high school.  God has shined his light on this child because she is a genius.  And she knows it and will tell all she knows how much of a genus she truly is. Thank Heavens she doesn’t talk through her nose. But, the genius of I know everything, comes through loud and clear.  Well, it seems Ms Genius went to the movies last weekend and this friend of hers, just happen to give her a hickie on her neck, while they were necking, of course she told him not to do that because they were just friends.  Okay!!  Of course being grounded for the hickie and the rather,  friends don’t give friends hickie’s lecture. 
Ms. Genius  decided to stop and grab a Styrofoam cup of ice tea on her way to school yesterday morning,  of course the cup was setting on the floorboard, and as she began to enter a curve on the roadway, she decided to reach down and grab her cup of tea so it wouldn’t spill, and drove right off the road into a deep ditch!!

Later yesterday afternoon when I saw ms Genius, I ask her. Tell me what lesson you learned this morning?   Oh, I don’t know what your talking about she said.  I just made a mistake.  I replied, the lesson you should have learned, “Do not take your eyes off the roadway”.  She replied;  “I NEVER take my eyes off the roadway, I’m a very good driver!!”  My question to her ” oh okay, so why did you drive into the ditch”?   “Oh, that was just a mistake,” she said.  I’m still shaking my head at Ms Genius, and Susie_Cue and her nose and hubby are on the way back to their new Castle in wonderland, where everything is going to be perfect, and he is Prince Charming and she is Cinderella, and they are going to live happily ever after – forever.  And of course, ms genius has her truck back and headed for school again this morning,  hmmmm?

These are the Great Nieces,  now I will admit with my Grandchildren, who are older in variation.  When I am told the proverbial, Oh, Nana.. I know what I’m doing.. and it sounded rather rude..  I call them down and put them back in place. Why you ask, their only expressing themselves.  No their not, they are talking back!!  And if they did know everything, and were genius beyond their years,  Nana wouldn’t be driving them everywhere they go. Nana would not have to wait in a store for up to three hours for the baby teenage girl to shop because she can’t make a decision.  And they would all be away from home in college due to their genius, or out on their own supporting themselves living in their own homes.

So for those Momma’s out there that have a genius in your house, please remember one thing.. Einstein was a Genius, he made terrible grades in school, primarily F’s, he did developed the “theory of relativity.”  What he lacked in life as a Genius,  Basic Common Sense.  I find that lacking alot on blogs and twitter.. People think they are so smart, yet they couldn’t explain how to get a gnat off their nose to save their lives. I guess cuss it off.  Anyway for the genius’s, if you don’t understand the concept of the theory of relativity, I will explain that to you so you can argue among yourselves on the concept. Basically, Einstein believed that if you could travel at high enough mach speeds to exceed the speed of light that you would in reality travel back in time.  Thus, it brings to mind the concept of the “Time Machine”. No, Einstein did not invent that concept of the machine, that came from the mind of Jules Verne who was an Author and Writer of fiction, prior to the turn of 1900. Do remember Verne did write about space travel to Mars.  A man with an imagination beyond the the time of realities.  Do you think its possible that Einstein read Jules Verne’s novels?  Just remember, not a drop of common sense.  Now what is common sense, of course remember this is for the genius teenagers in their 40’s online, and one who is still in his mid twenties..  “Sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts.”   Give you an example; If the sign on a store say’s open at 10:00am, just because you got there at 09:58am doesn’t mean that door is going to be open at just because you want it to. Its going to open at a precise time, conceived by the owner of the business, and it just might be 10:04am before the clerk gets to the door to open it!! Common sense also tells you, that truth always wins out. It takes a bit of time but well worth waiting for, that where you learn patience versus immediate gratification.


Oh that reminds me of yesterday, jeez,  someone sent me a resident address.  Not repeating who, or why or what the address is..  But I threw the address into the computer and several interesting things popped up. First it was for an apartment, and second it was attacked to a SEX ITEMS website? WARNING:  if you click on it, and it is not what you want to see. I understand, thats why I put a warning label on it.  And you just wouldn’t believe who’s address this came back to.   Its Friday, hope all have a great weekend!!

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