The Mouth is Going Again.

06 Feb

You know you can always just set back and let the crazy’s have their fun, as usual give them enough rope and they tie themselves up.. Actually they dig holes and should bury their heads in the sand.

Noted a couple coming out of the executionerREAL on twitter, and we all know who that is..  Now, lets examine one…


Oh this is a good one, making a declaration about mooching off taxpayers.   How many ways can people mooch off of taxpayers or since a taxpayer is but the average citizen? 

1.  Have Federal or State assistance as is pointed out by the Mouth.

2. Accept donations for when they are not needed, or obtain part of donations that were not meant to go to some that  obtained them.

3. Not paying income taxes.

4. Not having medical insurance to cover hospitalization, and the tax payers pick up that tab.

5. Not paying bills, causing companies to raise their prices to off set the unpaid balances.

6. Borrowing money from friends or relatives and not repaying them.

7. Filing false claims with insurance companies.

8. Squatters living in foreclosed homes.

9. Misusing the court systems causing the courts to be over burden and their cost increasing.

10. Living at home with mom and dad, when the child? is old enough to be out working and earning their own living.

11. Living in rental assisted residences, houses or apartments.

12. Not repaying government loans for education.

There are so many ways that could be deemed living off of the taxpayers.  I’m sure others could think of many more!!

Then we head into the bull posted about they are going to write an eBook, and the primary story is going to be about certain people..  Hey, its a free country.. you feel foggy.. go ahead and write it.  Hope you have good liability insurance, cause I guarantee your going to need it. There is no doubt what you will put in a book, you’ve already put online, and since that was libel, so will your eBook, and that one you won’t get away with hiding behind a serpents name.


And lets be honest and direct here.. We know who is and who isn’t a cougar, you might talk to your good buddy, 4Free_Speech,  She was wanting to play cougar with Prinnie’s brother.  I also noted you have been chasing  behind @theyellowtape,  whats wrong won’t he stop long enough to praise you for your wit and silly serpent attitude?  He’s just not paying you the attention you think you deserve, so you have to crush him.. Talk about man hater.. whee you got that going on, don’t you.. Of course Levi’s a different case, after all you can use that boy when ever you want to, you have him well trained to stand up and salute at your command.   So, @theyellowtape is on your bad site, not surprised he seems like he’s intelligent to see through your BS, and man enough to tell you.  Can’t handle that huh, men don’t stand up to you.  You do the smack down don’t you?  Guess you never really met a real man before.


Wow, Silly Serpent, you almost sound jealous cause they have pay-pal signs on their websites, I’m sure you can have one on yours too!!  Oh thats right you don’t have a website now do you, but I’m sure Altha will let you put one on hers, and the pennies will just flow in..  Of course you know you have to pay taxes on any contribution that comes in.. IRS gets kinda funky about income taxes and who pays and who doesn’t.  They will hound you forever if you owe them $20.00 and don’t pay it.   After all silly serpent you’ve been telling everyone on twitter about your eBook you want to write, well you know you have to pay taxes on that income.  You’ll need to make enough to pay IRS and me and my Attorney fees when you publish it. 

Then we get down to the nitty gritty..  Image

Well it wasn’t hard to find out how you got your information.  You know when there was only one person who would have known this info and suddenly it shows up between you and Altha.. Of course Levi was named as the guilty sharing party between you three.   So, lets cover this subject and put it and you three clowns to rest..   Yes, I was having trouble with my cell phone, I dropped it the other day and apparently there is a loose wire inside the phone.  Second, I chose to change the phone number because my phone had to be updated for 911 purposes.. Nothing to do with you crazy’s.  Amazing how you think everything has to do with you.  Hello!!   Second, I moved almost a year ago, duh and what would that have to do with any of you?  Do you live in my back pocket?  And any attempt you have made to find me, means you were stalking me at my old residence. And you’ve been stalking to locate where I do live?  Stalking is a criminal act. Certainly you guys know an attorney that could advise you of this? Harassment and Stalking people is against the law!!  Didn’t your friend the attorney tell you this Altha?  Lastly,  have I ask any of you if you’ve moved within the last year?  Have I ask any of you if you’ve changed your phone numbers? Or if you have acquired new cell phones and numbers?  I’ve heard some people have up to ten cell phones, are they suppose to notify crazy’s on twitter to tell them? Seriously, you want people on twitter to think that you harass me and stalk me so much that I had to move and change my phone number to keep away from you. Hey you planted the evidence.

That really makes you silly serpent and radionewz both look just like the criminals you really are.  So, you better get that PayPal going, cause at the rate your both going you will both need the added income.  Hey, didn’t the website also have a PayPal button on it?  Who’s idea was that?  Who’s bank account were those donations going in?

So, serpent you and your good buddies need to find a real life,  and get the heck off of the computer once and awhile.  And you need to start minding your own business, and stop trying to stay in everybody elses.  By the way, I had  a little visit with the County Sheriff this morning and I shared the little issue over the cell phone with him, and all the parties involved..

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