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03 Feb

Okay, and I continue to say, In the past 40 years nothing has worked.
Since the Sexual revolution began in the 1960’s, Rape has become a major awareness. the Statistic show that 1 in 3 girls will either be raped or sexual molested prior to their 18th birthday. 30 years ago no more than 20 percent of all Rapes, Sexual Assaults, Molesting were reported.

Is there a difference today. No. Has there been any form of action that has even slowed down the statistics, No.

So, lets go through the internet on google and see what the encouragement is today to stop or prevent Rape.

Search phrase: “how to stop rape”

How to Prevent a Potential Rape: 25 steps – wikiHow
* Do not be distracted, especially by technology.
* Learn to trust your gut instincts
* Be aware of your surroundings at all times
* Understand that your hairstyle could benefit an attacker
* How you dress matters
* Use your loudest voice if you have any doubts
* Yell, shout and draw attention to yourself
* Carry defensive items only if you know how to use them
* Yell “CALL 911 NOW.”
* Take a basic self defense course, such as Rape Aggression Defense (RAD).
* Stay careful at parties and bars.
* Think and practice being careful at dance clubs or other places with loud music.
* Work on being assertive.
* Plan.
* Understand that Vans are the #1 vehicles used in rapes.
* Practice being careful when going into your house or car because someone could easily push you in and lock the door behind you.
* Keep personal information private
* Understand vulnerability factors:
* Walk with confidence.
* Notice and leave identifying marks.
* Bring a dog, if going to the park, beach, etc
* Mentally prepare if you are taken by a rapist
* Make eye contact if you are being followed by someone who you think is a potential threat.
* Never get into a potential rapist’s car or allow them into yours if you can avoid it.
* Learn to sing. This means Solar Plexus-Instep-Nose-Groin, the four attack points you should focus on if grabbed from behind.

So, those are the 25 recommended efforts a victim should remember.

Now this is highly recommended :

“Tips on How to Stop the Rapists
The time of day men are most likely to attack and rape a woman is in the early … toward you, hold out your hands in front of you and yell “Stop or Stay back!”

But, what about the Rapist?

* Describe a Rapist.
* What does a Rapist wear?
* What is the demeanor of a rapist?
* What kind of vehicle does a rapist drive? – Bundy drove a Volkswagen, with the passenger front seat removed. He raped and killed his victims.
* Do rapist only rape women / girls?
* Do Date Rapist only rape girls/ women
* Are all rapist alike in their Modus Operandi – methods used to attack, lure, break-in to homes to attack victims?
* Why are teen age boys involved in date rape?

10 things men can do to stop rape
1. Be Aware of Language.
2. Communicate.
3. Speak Up.
4. Support Survivors of Rape
5. Contribute Your Time and Money.
6. Talk with Women.
7. Talk with Men.
9. Work against ALL oppression.
10. Don’t ever have sex with anyone against their will–No matter what.

Now, you have suggestions on what men should do, or should I say college men should do. What about the sexual predators that never went to college, or those that did, like Bundy.. Bundy is a prime example of a sexual predator. Started out on the west coast worked his way to Florida.
What more can we do to stop rape?
(Part of How You Guys – That’s Right, You GUYS — Can Prevent Rape, and continued from How can men know if someone is giving consent or not?)

Now you have an idea of what to look at and what to think as per suggestions. And Murt brought up a comment, and I don’t think he realizes but it is half of the solution.. Education, at home, in school. But, the only problem with this. If the vastness of Education began today, its going to be at least 10 to 15 years before the results become apparent. And that doesn’t help the issues of today.

So, Law enforcement should go out and grab up everyone of the known sexual offenders? Hate to tell you this, but it could end up being your own child who was sexting on their cell phones, 12 through 18 years of age, girls and boys.

So lets ask these questions of Parents

1. How much freedom do you allow your teenagers?
2. Do your children have curfews?
3. Were your son’s taught to respect women?
4. Do your son’s know how to accept the word NO?
5. Do your daughters have total freedom on where they go?
6. How old was or is your daughter when she was allowed to date?
7. How old was your daughter or son when they were allowed to take off in vehicles with friends to Hang OUT?
8. Did you have the SEX talk with either your daughter or son?
9. In the SEX talk with your child did you discuss Rape issues?
10. How are you dealing with your child’s birth control issues?
11. Do you know if your child is sexually active?
12. How much privacy do you allow your children?

Now, here’s a question for you.
How old is the average child molester when he or she began to molest other children?
My conclusion and best guess, not long after that child molester was molested as a child. Thats a conclusion in the law enforcement world, a molested child becomes a child molester. There have been cases of 4 generations of child molesting in communities. So, you want to know how to stop child molesting? Guard your child, prevent your children from being molested.
Single moms with children; how many allow these men their dating to babysit or be alone with their children?
Do you realize that child molesters will single out moms with children to date and marry, for access to the children? Prevention is a hard task, one you have to work diligently on every day of that child’s life.

Steubenville, is only one issue in this country, seek out the other headlines.

So, do your research, come to your own conclusions. People didn’t like mine before, so seek out your own. But remember, the rapist are not generally online to discuss prevention.

While your at it, wouldn’t it be nice to stop people from stealing other peoples children, to use as sex slaves, pornography or to just sell to other people, or out of the country. Maybe the answers don’t lie in following the cases, maybe the answers lie in comparing the cases and the methods use. Remember the statistics, children who disappear are generally murdered within the first 4 hours, and their bodies found within a 5 mile range. But, it does not mean all children that disappear.

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