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31 Jan

I read a clip on Twitter just now.. “Missouri Bill Would Mandate That First Graders Take Gun Training Course

Wow, such a genius to come up with this.. So, bottom line, we keep the guns and teach the first graders to go through gun training, will they be carrying weapons to school under this mandate? Like first graders don’t truely have enough to be concerned with.. Second year of learning to read and write and enter a social structure in how to get along with others.

This brought back an old memory, in years past on our department we were required to go through a weapons training on a yearly basis, and one inclusion to the training was a video. Called “Shoot or don’t Shoot”. In this video we are given senerios on choosing when to shoot in a given situation or not to shoot. One the senerios involved a small child in a narrow alley way, of course this little one probably 5 to 6 years of age, holding a weapon pointed at the officer which would be me. Now, my choice would be to decide to shoot this child to protect myself. A choice that would tear at the very soul of any police officer. And should at any parent who would even consider placing a weapon in a child’s hands. Training or no training, what are they thinking?

In my opinion, these adults are putting themselves as the priority and using children as a scapegoat. The issues over gun control versus constitional rights is a never ending situation.

With my children, my girls were much older when they were trained in weapons. Oh yes, my children were trained to use weapons and even went through Hunter Safety courses. Why, how do I explain this to a layman, very simple. We had weapons in the house!! We had loaded handguns in the house!! Loaded handguns that were kept in our holsters in our belts, part of our uniforms. As a police officer who returns home each night in full uniform, this includes your weapon. Mine was .38, my husbands was a .357 until he upgraded to a .45. We wanted the children to know and understand how dangerous a weapon is. Now one of the training methods, you never pickup or point a weapon at another human being, unless you intend to shoot that person. Which takes the games away from playing with weapons.

So, now you have a 5 year old running around the house already with a play gun, shooting up everything from the bird, dog, mom, dad and grandparents, plus the siblings. Playing cops and robbers, cowboy and indian.. Now they want you to give this same 5 year old a real weapon with a real bullet in the chamber, and they are going to teach or train them to shoot people, but how do they untrain on them from shooting the family, neighbors, friends? After all it was okay to do it with play guns, so why isn’t it okay to do it with real guns, they are teaching them to shoot people.

You can walk your own paths, as I have mine. My children were never allowed to have play guns, second, my grandchildren have never been allowed to have play guns in my house. And if they did in their parents home, the first time they pointed the play gun, I took it away. The second time I destroyed it. So, does it sound like I have issues with children and weapons? Yes, I do.. You see at the age of 8 I received a gift from my 4 year old sister. We were playing with BBGuns out on the front porch of our Aunts home, we were shooting each other. My bbgun was empty, but my sister had one lodged inside, and after shaking that rifle around a bit, and pointing it at me and firing. I received a life long bb embedded just above my left eye into my forehead. And these people want to give 5 and 6 year olds weapons, real ones. Good luck with that, don’t call me to babysit. I’m retired.

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