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31 Jan

I noted on Lee Stranahan’s blog that he had posted a link to one man and a photo of another, advising these two men had either been doxed or fake doxed in the conclusion they might be kyanonymous. Well, after looking at both men, I have my own conclusions, it just doesn’t seem to match with either one. In the photo of ky with the gurls, and no I didn’t misspell the gurls. The height variation of Ky and the gurls shows the basic height of ky. Now although he was leaning towards the sign which means he wasn’t standing straight, he is going to top out somewhere between 6’0″ to 6’2″. Now, it is quite obvious that neither one of the young men that Lee has shown one way or the other meet that criteria.

For ky to be between 5″4′ to lets say 5’9″, each one of the females in the photo shot would have to be at least 8 to 12 inches shorter, which would put all of them well under 5’0″. Even if ky is 10 inches taller, that puts all of the girls between 5’4″ to 5’6″. Look at the photo of both men, lee has shown. Neither one will top out over 5’8″ at the very most. Although one is thin, he does not meet the lingering tall lanky look of ky in the single photo of him. Look at the arm reach, his pants show his thin frame, and he has a very long neck including the goatee under the chin. So, these are my comparisons and you can make your own. I just hate to see anyone accused of something they really didn’t do. Doesn’t matter if in the same group or associated, its just unjust to single them out, when they don’t match the basic criteria of description. I’ve also blanked out all of the faces.. Thought it might well be a point of courtesy.


As for the jokes of the day…
the serpent

I was working on an image.. and had two ideas, one for a serpent and the other for a medusa, which one would you choose?


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