Truth and Lions

29 Jan
I ran across a very wise person, who returned a vision of light.

“Walk away from from them. Focus on truth and justice. Don’t let the pointless chase detour you. The only one that gains is people like Michelle and her friends.”

I realized exactly what the meaning of the comment made, the crazies feed on anger, and rebuttal. If ignored they have nothing to do. Immediately after I received that message, I stumbled across the face of a Lion, and realized that the image title was the absolute meaning.


I don’t have to defend the Truth, the Truth reveals and stands on its own. I only seek for Truth and Justice.

“Error fucatus nuda veritate in multis, est probabilior; et saepenumero rationibus vincit veriiatem error.Error artfully disguised is, in many instances, more probable than naked truth; and frequently error overwhelms truth by argumentation.

Veritas nimium allercando amittitur. Truth is lost by too much altercation.

Sacramentum habet in se tres comites,-veritatem, justitiam, et judicium; veritus habenda est in jurato; justitia et justicium in judice. An oath has in it three components,-truth, justice, and judgment; truth in the party swearing; justice and judgment in the judge addinistering the oath.

Fictio cedit veritati. fictio juris non est ubi veritas. Fiction yields to truth. where truth is, ficcion of law does not exist.

Qui non libere veritatem proounciat proditor est veritatis. He who does not freely speak the truth is a betrayer of the truth.

Veritas, quae minime defensatur opprimitur; et qui non improbat, approbat. Truth which is not sufficiently defended is overrowered; and he who does not disapprove, approves.

Veritas nihil veretur nisi abscondi. Truth fears nothing but concealment.”

Much like those who now stand up for Steubenville and have taken their town back, who will stand and protect their children from those online who so selfishly tried to destroy the very essence of the community and those within. The truth about those involved in creating and causing harm to this community, is going viral. All will know, all will link those who were involved. They cannot hide, and we all know the hunt by the Authorities has not been halted. And they will seek far and wide.

Truth about the Casey Anthony Video, leaked out this past week. So, where does this leave that issue? Leaves posters remembering the past year and the created harassment against people online, and the names thrown, along with images that only a mad person would seek out, knowing that they were only seeking to cover up lies and injustice.

This was symbolic in the situation of Simon Barrett. A Truth-seeker he is, a Reporter in article and on Blog Radio. And when those who attempted to manipulate this man found he could not be manipulated and he would expose the truth. And he would stand for Truth and Justice, the attacks were on. Threats were made.

The same With Timothy Holmseth, the same with Lee Stranahan. I’ve seen the lies of comparison attack. One from Texas – a radioman himself, claimed that there is an investigation in Texas against Lee. Well, those of you who have good common sense must realize, Family Services do not release information on their investigation, especially to a man who lies behind a radio microphone that lives in another state.

Again, one has to ask themselves.. if these people continue putting out information pertaining to investigations.. How do they obtain this information. Its not online, law enforcement does not reveal their strategy and what they are investigating. And especially one Branch, the FBI tells NOTHING.. You don’t know their coming until they bang on your door, and your friends and fellow bedfellows in crime don’t know they’ve been there, nor where you’ve gone.

Its time for those on the internet to look about and ask themselves, do I really know this person next to you, who is not telling the truth and creating abuse and harm to others? Do I really want to be part of this. In each group in society, you will find those who enter into the group who has the intent of creating harm, controlling others, seeking fame and fortune at any other persons expense. Yet, the members of these groups are lead like sheet and cattle into situations that they themselves must fear that dreaded knock at the door.

It does little good later when the knocks have begun to stand and swear it wasn’t me, it was her / him. I didn’t do anything wrong!! The truth and reality is, you did something wrong and you did so willingly. You willingly allowed yourselves to be drawn into these issues. Therefore the fault also lands with you. You did nothing to stop those who’s only intent was to cause harm. You failed to draw away, you ran into the abyss with them. That is the true abyss, that others in the past few years have lingered on, too blind to face the truth, too blind to want to see the truth and allowed themselves to become part of a band of vendetta that they themselves had no reason to cause such harm.

Even the vast group of anonymous who’s intents originally were to stand for truth and justice, to defend those who were being violated and harmed by the system and by others. This vast group only to be infiltrated by those who’s hearts are dark and shameless, to manipulate the very being of this group. To claim factions of this group to protect the essence of evil, to harm innocence. To act as a destructive force against truth and justice.

We all live in a society of struggle in life and income, yet we all must do the very best we can. I’ve seen in the past years, families who have lost their homes due to lack of work, having to take jobs of lesser income, yet still unable to pay for a mortgage that was created by the ballooning of our economy. I’ve seen the vastness of empty homes, many where the families packed only their clothes and children’s toys and left the homes, leaving everything they had worked so hard to obtain. No city or town is exempt. Many of these families became and still are homeless. Yet they still struggle to live. Many are living on subsistence from the state. Yet, I’ve also seen those employed by the same agency’s, steal the subsistence for themselves.

Which there again shows, that you will always have a criminal activity within any situation. I feel its one thing to loose your home because you have no money to pay the bills, and another to have the money yet refuse or fail to pay the bills. Does this exist, yes it does. My heart goes out to families who have lost everything at no fault of their own, but not a drop of concern who feel they are exempt from the very moral fibers they are suppose to contain.

I’ve lived in the world of law enforcement, i’ve known many officers in many different agency’s, i’ve known many people in the court systems, employees, elected officials, lawyers and Judges. And i’ve always wanted to believe that each and everyone of them also took the oaths required, as a belief in how one should live and treat others. I’ve been disappointed many times by watching those within falter and slip into the dark side, yet the reality is many were already in the dark side, yet used the position they acquired as method to obtain, to harm, to destroy others.

I’ve felt it unjust when an attorney would require a million dollar fee for representation, yet as time would pass and truth and justice prevail, that attorney would show its true side and suddenly an attorney no more. You ask whom? F Lee Bailey..
A true powerful and wide spread media Attorney, one who covered cases nationally. One who’s very name would strike fear in other attorneys hearts. Yet, he faltered and an Attorney no more. Why? The misuse of money.

So, does justice and truth prevail? In time it always does. No criminal in our society can ever admit, my day will come. They live in a vacuum of denial, conceived with the thoughts; “I’m above the law”.

I look at Mark Fuhrman, a prior detective with LAPD, one who testified against OJ Simpson. For whatever reason, the path he choose in an instant to walk on the dark side.. He found himself paying a life destroying price, which seems to linger with him even after so many years. OJ walked free, but Fuhrman didn’t. One for murder, the other for a racial remark and not being honest. Amazing isn’t it? A major high profile case in California, that so many years later I find 3 people involved in the Haleigh and Caylee case’s, that were actually involved in this Simpson case. Isn’t it so very odd? To find 3 old friends from the Simpson case in 1994-95, involved in a missing child’s case in 2008 and 2009.

Someday, I hope to have the opportunity to ask Mark Fuhrman if he knew these three people.

So, you must stop and ask yourselves, why are so many people within a group involved in each and every missing child, murdered child, murdered victim cases? why are they so intent to continue following all of them, even to a rape case in Steubenville. What are the benefits? What are the agenda’s. Does it involve money? Does it involve notoriety? Or has each time in each case effected the outcome of the case? One has to ask, if the Casey Anthony trial had not been so effected by the media, by the arm chair detectives pushing and promoting their opinions, could the result of the trial have been different? We know that the reactions and behavior in the steubenville trial has been effected by these very actions, but this time the reality brought forth was the armchair detective, to anonymous who then brought the media. Stop and think about this.. The media is the answer for coverage, and the anonymous was the means to attract the media, especially trying to resolve and throw attention away from the civil lawsuit brought forth finally against the arm chair blogger. Are their methods changing? Or was it the choice of case that caused the problem, bad choices bring different reactions.

Lets be honest here, I’ve heard the Aruba stories.. probably you know many of those involved you are not aware of. These people in a specific grouping were involved. Look at who the posters were on Anna Nicole Smith.. Maybe we should title them, “The Followers”. Ask yourself again, why do they go from case to case.. and leave destruction and distraction in the wake? What are the agenda’s? Is it Money and Notoriety? All seem to follow behind Tim Miller, you find Tim’s name on a case.. look for “The Followers”. Are they searchers? Or are they there with the intent to cause disruption? The division of Scared Monkeys and those who were banned over Aruba. Thats a story within itself. Who and why were so many banned from Red’s house of monkeys. Oh didn’t you know, the co-owner of Scared Monkeys is called Red and he lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

By the way, Google is a great place to start looking for information.

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