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25 Jan

The truth just keeps slipping out, as hard as the crazies have tried to keep it hidden in that black plastic bag.. Its just not working. And now they are openly posing as Anon’s. Is this smart, I don’t think so.. Somebody’s just not playing with a full deck it seems. And as usual its going to be one of the crazy’s, why would I say that. well check out the fake name they used.. and then check out the tweets below. Oddly enough they tried to combine both Nikki and Stranahan, hmm is there a message in this?




Now, lets see what Stranahan has to tell us…





Since the Prinnie wants to claim the fame nationwide for what was reported out of Steubenville, then by all rights she must hold the legal blame for what occurred that caused harm to the other citizens of Steubenville. And face the consequences along with the other trolls who walk the same path she does.

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