25 Jan
I just went to the site and read the petition, and have no doubt who was the fool who set it up. Now, the questions begin.
1. Did you use your real name when you set it up Serpent?
2. Did you use your address they can contact you at?
3. How about your phone number and your email address?

So, lets look at this skilled petitioners ability to write a petition to stop this man from benefiting, from a missing child.. Oh yes, all that sign the petition have to give their real names and address’s and phone numbers. You see its required on all petitions, and the 5 signatures, oh by the way, they fall under the issues of being public. Ready for the biggest laugh of the year? I’ll explain it to you in a minute, I’m still laughing at this.

“we petition the obama administration to:

Stop people like Timothy Charles Holmseth from scamming/ profiteering off of murdered children such as Haleigh Cummmings

Timothy Charles Holmseth is running a scam on his website, he is claiming that Haleigh Cummings, a 5-year-old girl from Satsuma, FL that was murdered in 2009, is alive, despite law enforcement stating she was the victim of a homicide.

The motive for Holmseth wanting people to think she is alive is because he wants them to donate to his website, and wants to fool the uneducated fringe followers of this case that he is searching for her.

Basically he is running a scam off the back of a murdered child. He wrote a book, and is now displaying a “donate” button on his website.

Legislation needs to be passed that makes it a felony for scammers such as Holmseth to profit or attempt to off a murdered child.

Created: Jan 25, 2013

Issues: Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement”

Now, anyone who wants to rush over and sign this petition, oh please do. We want the world to become part of this petition, and we want this issue brought out to light and to be investigated. We want the President to read this and say, well we really need to call the FBI and tell them, you need to investigate this entire issue before we decide to send it to Congress. We want the FBI to pull up the name Timothy Holmseth, and all of its cross links of names, locations, places, involvements as per Haleigh Cummings. And we want the FBI to contact PCSO and FDLE and ask them, hey if yous guys think this child is dead, why do you have an active Amber Alert out for her, and why is she listed as Missing and Endangered? Cause we got this petition from ________ of _________ and their telling us you think she’s dead.. Oh please go over and sign that petition.. it has alot of signatures to go before this lands into the Governments hands. So, rush right over..

Now, if this petition was accepted, it might cause;
1. an investigation into the donations and funds obtained out of the Haleighbug Center, Haleighbug Foundation and least of all the little paypal button that was on the site. And any other donation issues that came up leading from the Haleigh Cummings case.. Donations and funds for Misty and Tommy and their bond?? Also their canteen and phone money, and then of course the Lisa donations.. Radio remembers those well, how about you Executioner? This was before Hollys ride on the wild side, but not Prinnies.. How about you Mcnutt?
2. a final determination, that no one from the internet, staff involved in the case or others involved directly or indirectly would be able to benefit on any missing / dead child, or any other cases like the one in Ohio.. where donations began for Attorney Fees. Will put a stop to anyone benefiting financially from any case such as this.
3. might well initiate a law against interference in cases, such as the Haleigh case, or the Casey Anthony case, or the case in Ohio that could predudice the citizens in a community, and cause issues in any defendant having a fair trial, or the state being able to prosecute without interference.

So, you think you got ole Timmy huh.. would seem to me you played right into it.. and me, I’m loving it. Somebody, wasn’t thinking very clearly when they did this.. its gonna come right back and bite you in the ASS.. I love it.. You idiots just made my day. Put your own necks in the noose and no one ask you to. Thanks alot Executioner, now you can go back and start sipping that box wine, your gonna need to be good and drunk when reality sets in!! By the way what was that amount of money that DJay1031 aka Donna was bragging that you guys had collected? (quote) ” A Million was it? And what was that about Kim Picazios Green Fried Tomatoes took it over the Top.”(unquote) Damn girl, if I had made those comments on twitter, she’d be threatening to sue me.. Did you guys report any of this to the IRS, or was it just for reporting on Twitter?

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