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23 Jan
There is an old childrens rhyme; “Birds of a Feather flock together, so do Pigs and Swine, Rats and Mice have their choice, and so shall I have mine”.

Quite simple, you are judged by your choice of person you associate with. That people who are alike tend to mingle together. This is what your currently watching on the internet. On certain Blogs and on Twitter. I’ve been blasted, bullied, harassed, threatened and stalked over my choice of belief in not only a missing child’s case, but also the friends and associates I have chosen to trust. Many terrible comments have been thrown out against not only me, but those I associate with. Why? Fear!! Fear of the truth being revealed.

Now, people can either be honest in life and do the right things, or they can choose the other path and do things that cause harm to others. They will go to no extent to shut the truth up!! This is what we see right now going on. Those that flock with them are of equal charecter. All of them live in glass houses just like everyone else does, and they fear above all, the truth about their lives being revealed. So, use threats to stop others from revealing these sorted truths. Some take action and make attempts to destroy others lives. There is no extent they wouldn’t attempt to cover their own privacy and hidden problems and agenda’s. Yet, without doubt they attack others trying to expose anything and everything they can about them. Even to the point of using pawns to attack others. The question is, if we do not have intigrity within our lives, what do we have?

Life now is difficult for many people, earning an income or acquiring some form of legal income is difficult. We all have living expenses to pay, many with children to support. Some live on small incomes and learn to adapt and live within that rhelm taking care of the themselves, yet never abuse others. Whereas others have high incomes and can affort to live in a highter bracket of life. There are some who are never satisified with what they have, and want more only to impress their neighbors and friends. There was a time when people cared about one another, and helped each other out during the bad times. Such as the depression, even further back after the Civil War. They carried food and clothing to their neighbors knowing that this effort would be returned if needed. So, why have we come to this point where its destroy your neighbor? The internet has brought people together as neighbors from very far distances.

Yet, what do we have? We have groups who deliberately cause harm and tell untruths to harm others, others that are their internet neighbors. We now have a group of young people who wear mask and use the name anonymous, their banter is to protect those who are being violated by others and the government and countries around the world. Yet, when one who is being violated by others already, is singled out by this group of Anon to be attacked and shut up. In plain language, why would a group of young people allow themselves to be so manipulated and lied to, and they cannot see the truth? And would use their forces they believe behind them to attack someone. What is the purpose of their defense of freedom of speech, if they violate anothers freedom of speech, only because they themselves have been lied to and manipulated into believing something that isn’t true.

These young people seem to have a major issue with authority, yet they are taking the action of authority to use against others and even against authority. How do you separate this? You are either there for the purpose of good to protect others and cause no harm, or you are harm coming at anyone who disagrees with you, or your sorted friends. One must look within themselves and ask the question, is this what I want to be in life?
A danger to society as a whole, a controlling group of anarchist!!

I separate myself from the crazy’s on many issues. I feel that losing faith that a child is still alive and can be found, that I would be failing that child. I look into her heart and know that she wants people to remember her and look for her. Yet I battle an evil force that demands that all believe she is dead. Why? Why do they demand that she is dead? There is an agenda here that others don’t see or don’t want to see. What if it was your child? Would you want people to just cave in to the demands of a group of crazy’s who demand the child is dead? Would you not ask why they want her to be believed a dead child? To what benefit does this acquire in this belief. Does it protect someone who might know the truth, and they don’t want the exposure.. These questions everyone should ask. Why do you demand that this child is dead? What evidence is there to promote this belief. There is no evidence. If these people know this child is dead, do they have evidence? Have they gone to the LE and presented this evidence? The answer is NO, they just want this child to be presumed dead. Why? Ask yourselves Why?

Another issue, that I separate myself from, is knowing exactly what has occurred in the last two years in the constant attacks and harassment of Tim Holmseth. No one comes to any of you and says you have to like this man. But, I have been there and know everything that has occurred in his life, and with his children. And there have been issues that have occurred this past year and a half that make me absolutely furious with those who attack not only him but his children. What kind of a monster is there that calls a young girl a pedofile? With no evidence of such a crime? And puts it all over the internet? An innocent 16 year old child labeled as such, to who’s benefit was this? To who’s benefit was a 6 year old child pushed to the breaking point and put into a psych ward? Who was involved in this? How would any of you like to have your lives so intensly invaded that it would effect your children’s well being? I’ve seen the accusations of child abuse in a court document, yet with a audio tape of the incidence proving the accusation was a lie. I’ve seen the document, I’ve got a copy of the tape. And that tape is far more widespread in the legal community than anyone can imagine.

One would think that people in general would be raised with the concept of cause no harm, thats not reality. People I have found will cause as much harm to others as they possible can, and on the internet live in the falsehood that they cannot be found, cannot be uncovered, cannot be discovered, and cannot be held responsible for their actions. I find this appalling. What is amazing, people want to believe lies. People believe, Oh I read it on the internet, by other bloggers so it must be true. If the pit of your stomach tells you, something isn’t right here.. Then stop, and start seeking the truth. Don’t repeat gossip or blatent lies. Look at the harm that has been done.. With families, with a case in Ohio.. When I read articles put up on radio and by the execution and other twitter creatures, the one thought that comes to mind, “The Devil is a Liar”. And by believing the lies, they have planted a seed within those who follow and promote and protect. Maybe you should ask yourself when you think of Tim Holmseth, why do they want you to think he’s bad? why do they want you to think he’s crazy? Why do they insist he is a conspiracy theorist? Why would they tell you such tales about his homelife and family, did you ever ask yourself.. How do they know this information? Why would they seek this information? To what benefit is there for you to believe these tales of woe? If this man was so bad why did people want him to write articles for them about them? How did Holmseth come into the Haleigh case, is it because Cobra found his songs he wrote and sang on youtube? Or was it the articles he was writing in the BIOFUELS MAGAZINES? Why does he have hundreds of audio tapes of conversations? Enough to fill a book? Why would he have written a section in the beginning of his book, telling you the public that at one time he was an alcholic, and that he had actually died from his condition and he honestly told about his experiences in hell. Generally this is deemed, a near death experience, and his was awful. No bright light, no comfort, no wanting to stay in this place of comfort and love. His experience was so horrifing, that when he was revived, he never drank again. He changed his life entirely. If someone else had told you this story about someone else, all would be impressed and believers that a person can survive these ordeals.. But, you people have been so conditioned by the crazies, that you look a this and say its Tims crazy shit. The reality here is YOU are conditioned to believe bad things about him are the truth, versus seeking the real truth. It Means YOU people have been manipulated, conned, lied to, and dragged down a sorted path by the nose. Have you checked to see where you left your soul lately? He told the story at the beginning of his book, because the crazy’s were all ready after him. Anyone mention the harassing phone calls he received, from Biaz law office, the Huddlehouse, the FBI.. all spoofed, did anyone tell you how his family was so harassed and threatened, his daughter was terrified. Did anyone tell you about the death threats? Shooting through his front door? Sound familiar? How would you like to live under those conditions? How would you like to have your children live under those conditions.. How about comments such as if you don’t stop and take that shit off the web, we’re gonna have your kids taken away from you..

Do you know, that when his son was a tiny infant, Tim wrote a letter for his son. He didn’t live with the child, but he wrote this infant a letter to be read to the baby. In reading the letter, you imagine yourselves with your own tiny people, tickling their toes, and playing with their little fingers and tickling their little tummies, kissing their necks. Yet, the crazy’s took this innocent letter and posted it in fragments and made it look like Tim was being crazy with this child. Do you see the point of how far they would go to abuse. Do any of you know who Rhonda is? or how this poster would have this information from Rhonda? Seek it out, now read..




What it boils down to.. The next time something is written on about Holmseth or me.. why don't you people stop long enough to ask one question. "To What purpose does this article serve?" "Who hates either Holmseth or I enough to have this vile published?" "To whom does it satisfy to have these comments posted?" Ask enough questions and the truth will reveal itself. If you cannot seek the truth, go back to putting your heads in the sand and being used and manipulated. Someday, you will all look back on this, and those who have been used and manipulated will suffer the shame of your involvement. Its your face you look into daily in the mirror. Anyone of you want to put yourselves in Tims shoes, or mine? SEEK THE TRUTH !!

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