The Executioner’s Self-Made Fool.

22 Jan
Yep, someone told me there was another little segment posted over at the crazy site.. And of course its the executioner making a fool of itself again. Just can’t help itself, the silly serpent.

I guess you forgot, or you just didn’t read well enough, but about a month ago, I posted a photo of me in Uniform. And since the photo was quite old, it rather goes along with the truth doesn’t it? Another, one of your, “I just have to make a fool of myself today”. Second, I don’t have to prove a damn thing to you, you can think as you please.. Just remember, I know your biggest fears.

You accuse others of being liars, as well as call anyone telling the truth as crazy thats your gimic for trying to cover up the truth. You’ve lied so much over the last year, I really don’t know how you manage to keep up with them. And there are times you forgot where you put them, and they will in time catch up with you. Why should anyone believe what you say? Because you tell them to? That says a great deal for the people who hang near you does it not? Either they are just plain stupid, niave or they have the same basic charecter you have. Evil right to the bone.

And by the way. The accusation of my boy friend, well I would say the one your directing that at, he’s probably your age, and I’m not a cougar. Thats your job not mine. Of course a man your age you wouldn’t be attracted to, now would you? What is your preference? A man in his early to mid 20’s? And one already in a relationship with a young attractive woman his own age? So what makes a woman hitting 40 or closing in on 50 think that a young 20 ish year old man would even look at them? Oh the experienced woman? Right, experienced at what? I’ve heard tales of this before, and later on the 20 ish year old male, would swear before Jesus it only happened because she got me drunk. Yep.. Isn’t that scary? Why does this sound so much like an older male getting a younger female drunk just to have his way with her? Is there a difference? Is it Sordid? Oh Yes.. And does the world around see it as such? Oh Yes.. The fear of growing old, and not being attractive any longer sets and waits for all. And I can set back and smile and say, your day will come. And you won’t even realize how soon that will be.

So, the conclusion to this tale, is the executioner has again made a fool of itself once again. It just can’t stay away, even though all it has left is to make up another tale to impress its friends. Sounds alot like a juvenile in middle school. Maybe thats your problem, you didn’t grow emotional after middle school, have a stunt in growing up did you? Still acting like a bully, harassing people? What was it 14 forever? I can hear you now, “oh your such a liar”, Mom, they lied about me? Mom, why is everybody crazy and liars but me? Bet you had a heck of a time in middle school, just hating everybody. And the truth is, you don’t like yourself and you think everyone else can see you for the person you really are. Do you try to sweet talk people? Manipulate? That one only goes so far. Bet when you pull stunts like that and after you walk away, people are rolling all over the floor laughing at you. So, next time stop and turn around and look. If they haven’t hit the floor yet its going to be in their eyes.

Best thing for you to do executioner, you silly serpent.. take your toys and go home. You and your friends can play another day. 🙂

preferences, early to mid 20’s? preferrable in a relationship with a younger woman? Too bad so sad. ——

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