A Carolina Morning

21 Jan

The Sun is out, and the light frost is melting fast and it going to get up to 60 degrees today. Its just the tease of Spring. To Boot its a Monday morning and the beginning of a busy day. I find that not reading the crazy’s twitters and blogs leaves one in a peaceful manner. Of course I hear the stories of people who have me on their radar and going to have so and so come get me. Well, DJay1031 aka Donna your not on my radar and your gonna have to stand in line behind the radio, the executioner and whatever else they throw at me. And by the way Donna, how the hell are you going to hold me responsible for anything that occurred to your daughter? My heart goes out to her. She not only has suffered an assault, but she has a mom throwing the shit out all over the internet. Anyone think about her feelings Mom? Why do you think you need to keep her personal information thrown out to all the internet crazy’s? Certainly isn’t making you look like a concerned protective Mother!! And for reality purposes Donna get it straight, I’ve never been a private investigator, never claimed to have been. If I wanted to be a PI, I would obtain the license and be one. Now, do you think you can get that clear in your mind?

And now you’ve decided a member of anonymous needs to come get me. Hey, is he suppose to stand in line with the rest who have thrown everything at me including the kitchen sink? Only thing left is to stalk me in real life. You people choose to be involved and stand with the crazy’s, so I guess you need to turn that pointing finger at yourselves.

Am I crazy, hell I should be after the shit I’ve gone through for the last 2 and a half years, but of course you newbies to the crazy’s wouldn’t know about that.

So my suggestion is, don’t put yourselves in positions where your fair game like the rest of us. Its short lived, and the fame disappears real fast. Or have you noticed yet? So Sam aka sam7cook, how was your visit with Dr. Phil. He’s known for doing a lot of analyzing of people on his show, and it takes awhile for people to really understand what he’s really done until you get back home and start watching the tapes and listen to what he’s saying. So, hows that working out for you? Dr. Drew does the same thing, he is analyzing his guest as they speak.. note who never comes back on.

So its SuperDopeSteve is the one chosen to come take care of me?
Well I guess while he’s checking me out to find out what he can about me, I guess I’ll be checking him out to see what I can find. Should I start a website for him to hack? I hate to tell him, but I am not going to set on twitter and haggle back and forth with him, like he did with Murt. Thats not my way. So, he cannot get anywhere on that. And why should he do you girls bidding? Because I posted photos? well if you don’t want the photos to be out and about, then stop posting them on the internet. Come on, this is redundant. You put them out, they become public information, yet in a naive mannerism you want them to remain private? So, block people, go private, don’t post photos. And another word to the wise if your gonna have open twitter and Facebook, don’t post your children’s photos, for God Sake, use the little bit of common sense you have.. You should spend more time worrying about the other crazy’s out there who look for children.

So for both Donna and Samantha, if you haven’t got the point yet, here it is.. If I wanted to do anything in causing either one of you issues, I would have already have done so. And I don’t call upon others to do my dirty work, If I can’t handle my own issues then they don’t need to be handled. I think of it as a cowards way of dealing with things.. Do you use this SuperDopeSteve as a bully? your pet bully? How does he feel about this? Does he like being used to handle your wee problems?

Oh yes, Sam.. I don’t care about Flo. She doesn’t worry me one little bit, she may be tough and rough and a go getter. She may be able to call me vile names. She too has to stand inline behind the crazy’s. I’ve already been called every name in the book, now who does Flo have to impress? Remind her before she can get through to me on twitter to call me awful names and straighten my ass out, she has to get through the door. So, I guess she will have to do the rant through you guys, hope you enjoy it. Me, well I’m having my coffee, going in for a shower and then lots to do today.. See Ya.. This is an added comment, if you don’t like what I blog.. don’t read it, stay away from my blog its that simple. Doesn’t matter to me if two people read the blog daily or a hundred.

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