Lets have a Quiz.

19 Jan

Now People of the web who come by and read, and I know a few that are very consistent.. wanna keep up with what I might have said or not said, like did she put out anything on 5-Star yet? Not yet slimy serpent, just gonna have to wait it out. So, on with the Quiz.

What is the difference between harassing a person and exposing a person?

Well on the internet, it has been found that the person exposing a person for their bad behavior and other varying things, can and has been turned and used as evidence in a harassment charge.
So, the act of harassing a person is continued posting on varying issues, attempts to make personal contact such as listing full names, address, phone number constitutes STALKING, and posting vital private information such as even partial social security numbers is a federal offense.

Now the act of exposing someone, lets give an example. You know that a coworker has been taking things from the office, and you go to the supervisor and tell him, so and so has been taking things from the office that does not belong to them. This is exposing.
Now, if you don’t go to the supervisor first and report this employee, yet you contact the employee and say, hey I know what your doing, you better knock it off, and that employee decides to go to the supervisor and say, “Hey I’m being harassed by so and so, and he/she/it is accusing me of taking things from the office and threatening to expose me. There you go, first comes out who tells what.. generally gets the bid.

So, the supervisor now is looking at you, even though, it was you made attempts to stop the issues in the office, you were doing the right thing, Now its believed that your harassing this poor person, making false allegations, and threatening to expose them. You must be crazy. Therefore, you are the one who is guilty of harassing, and if this person decides they will tell all of their friends, hey I’m being harassed and stalked, you guys need to help me. All the while, this person knows what they have done, and that they were being exposed, the truth was coming out.. Just had to find a way to keep it covered up!!

Amazing how the scales of Justice can be weighted with truth on one side and bullshit on the other, and it begins to look like bullshit is winning, but only for a little while.

Now the aspect of Stalking on the internet, is basically someone who is constantly harassing another and begins to make efforts to seek that person out in real life, such as full names, address, phone numbers, social security numbers, in tracking this person. Now their next step is to make contact with this person either by phone, or in person. Thank you very much for trying, Radio aka reddios aka radionewz aka Altha. And the slimy serpent aka the executioner aka 4Free_Speech aka ? And you notice I use the ? mark for the real name of who this executioner aka 4Free_Speech is, well its not that I don’t know, I could use an * instead. You see, we get into personal conversations on web in our little scuffles, and they want me to know who it is, thats why she say’s MARY.

Of course, within their little group, its easy for the executioner to say, oh she just thinks everybody is *.

So, I guess its showtime..






I even managed to gain another twitter account, I didn’t know I had. Twitter of course was kind enough to go back to the creature that created the account and closed it. Something about impersonation, which in my book is quite illegal, immoral, undignified!!

So, when I say that I have been harassed and stalked.. I can prove it.

blast past

exer 1

So, why would the executioner want to come to twitter and attack again after it had been suspended so many times, and the joke on her.. the times it was suspended. I had nothing to do with that one either. I will be very happy to give you the names of those I have reported though!!

So, thats it for right now folks, more will come tomorrow.

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