The Knowledge the Executioner claims

17 Jan
Since the birthing of the Executioner did not arise until the fall of 2011, its amazing the knowledge it seems to spout to the world through

Also, seems to have such a severe vendette against certain people. And of course it did seem to list people didn’t it? Lets see how do these names listed seem to group together, Sheffields, Regans, Picazio. Maybe someone should read the book that the executioner is actually pointing at. Now, Kentucky is a big issue and has been since late spring of 2009, when Grandpa Sheffield was moving away from Putnam County. Grandpa Sheffield was also very much associated with the regans and the picazio. He searched for Haleigh, he was on the fake search with the regans, and he also hired Cobra after Crystal fired him, of course there were some choice words with the picazio and the Grandpa and he had to terminate cobra, and his mother in law hired cobra. And all of this is in the name of Haleigh. So, you have Grandpa heading for Kentucky, and settles and lives there. Conversations with Cobra and Th that are taped, then neves claiming the fdle had been watching grandpa for about 6 weeks, claimed in late September 2009, because they had a report he was seen with Haleigh. Well, I had nothing to do with that sighting, was amazed when I heard about it.. Course those were the dark days the fall of 2009, huh.

Well, the sighting on April 26, 2009 in SC, the authorities thought was pretty real didn’t they, now who did they interview? Do I need to remind you of the two people who were interviewed or interriogated? So, I guess that PCSO, FDLE and the FBI were just having conspiracy theories too Huh?

So much for that claim.. Executioner aka ? who did you say you really are in life? As usual you twist things to make you appear knowledgeable and this of course feeds your obsession with Tim Holmseth.

No one ever accused, the regans of abducting Haleigh, nor the picazio. Actually no one has ever accused the Sheffields of abducting Haleigh, in fact if you wanted to tell the story straight, I nor th believe that Haleigh was abducted, lets rephase the term of Haleigh gone missing, to Haleigh not returned from visit. That sound a bit better.

Now, its funny that you nail anyone with conspiracy theories when the reality of the story on the magazine goes like this, slimy serpent.

A man in knoxville, sent a letter to Misty, claiming he had seen Haleigh a number of times and sent a photo of a child model from a magazine. So, I did my research, but your not telling the whole story. So, lets tell the real story okay.

Misty gets the letter from the man named Doug, shortly thereafter, it seems that Sue Curry contacts Chelsea, then acting as a private investigator here comes Sue Currys good friend Tina Church. Now, for some reason the croslins got the concept that there was going to be a private investigator working on this issue in Knoxville, Tenn. And for some reason Hank and Lisa are trusting their good friend Mrs. F. Collins, who is also a good friend with the group which consisted of Levi, Kim Picazio, Sue Curry and Tina Church. As it turns out, there is this big blow up, he said she said bs, levi and reddios are posting info on the web, Church goes after Chelsea. Now, in the meantime, Sheriff Hardy is contacting Chelsea Mother to get a message to Chelsea, not to talk to anyone but him and the FBI. Didn’t bother to mention any of this did you slimy sperpent. He knew all about the group and what they were doing. Next, you do have a private investigator in Kentucky, looking into the magazine model, talking to the different agency’s, and mr. doug himself, and so is the Knoxville, PD and Childrens Unit. So, wow th and I just had this wild theory, yet we did not instigate the Knoxville, pd or childrens unit in their investigation. They were on the same thought levels and acted on it. But, you see we were not involved, we were setting back watching you people scream that Haleigh was dead, while Kentucky LE was looking or a live child. Seems PCSO still thinks she living to.. Check out their website.

The question for people to ask, to what extend are we suppose to go in finding a child, are we suppose to set back like you and your group of trolls and just make the decision oh the child is dead, so don’t bother doing anything? Just keep blasting people who want to believe she is alive? Where did you leave your soul? So, on this bash, kiss my ass.

Now on the Oregon issue, I had nothing to do with that, and you list me anyway.. Oddly enough the perp who was found in the house, said his name was Ronald Cummings and he was looking for his daughter Haleigh Cummings. And that was reported on the newz. Did you by chance have anything to do with that? You seem so knowlegeable? And researchers should not contact media when cases like this occur? Just incase this story could possible have leads to a missing child, of course not in your groups opinion.

And again it reflects back to the comment of the FBI Agent, “Why do people want to beleive this child is dead?” “So people will stop looking for her”. So, is this what your going on about slimy serpent, you don’t want people to believe she’s alive, and if she is found, How is it going to effect you executioner? You know when the child is found, and she starts talking and she will. This change of family, home and location will keep the events very much alive in her mind, and she is going to remember events and remember people. Got the point serpent. Anyone she met between the time she was reported missing and the time life settled down, she’s gonna remember. And its all going to come out.

So, what part did you play in the Haleigh case executioner?
Something tells me that eventually, a knock will come at your door and the people standing there, will have badges on, asking you the same questions.

We know somebody out there is interested.. we also know there was an investigation on the Haleighbug foundation this last year, we know who they talked to. We know lots of things, and you keep nipping at my heels. And you can also put the rumors out about my having multiple twitter accounts, put them totally to rest.. there is only one. I only need one, unlike your true self needed how many, hear the loadstar3 was gone, waiting for the next to go poof. My next blog I will post my collections of Mouth avatars and underscores. Also, was that you bragging to the twitter people, how good you have become at formating your computer to get rid of stuff, and you always keep the same harddrive? I guess its better than throwing it in the river.

Till next time Slimy Serpent..

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