12 Jan
Now common sense would tell anyone out there in twitter world, just because someone makes a comment or an accusation that it might well be a lie!!
Or are anyone of you people thinking? Now, each one of you ask yourselves, who told you that Murt was a pedifile? If it turns out to be

Michelle Mcnutt
The executioner

Then you better set back and wonder what the hell are the crazy’s up to. I cannot believe they would tell Rosanne Barr this shit, and she would buy it hook line and sinker.

Thats the problem here with Social Media, just because it was said by someone who is on your friends listing, doesn’t mean its true. Have you looked for the truth? Hell no, none of you are. Well lets look at reality here.

Someone in the crowd of crazies, has a personal vendetta with Murt. Just like they would turn on anyone of you readers just as easy. Now, Lets go over this and hopefully it will sink into your heads.

1. Murt was reported to the Police by Michelle Mcnutt back in 2008, again he was reported to the Police in 2009 during the Haleigh Case.
2. They interviewed Murt, and let him go!! What does that tell you, lets use this phrase. FALSE ALLEGATIONS.
3. If I had thought that Murt was guilty of being a pedifile, do you think I would associate with him?
4. Now ask yourselves, what is it that Murt knows, they want to shut him up about, this is a common technique used by the crazies.
5. How in this world can any of you look yourselves in the eye, after you have said the terrible things that are put out.. What in the world is the comment, he should burn alive in his van? For the person who made that comment, I think you need to be arrested and checked, maybe a white van with a few orderlies with a damn white coat to take you away in!!

You people just don’t get it.. There is a frenzy going on and who is feeding you the these stories. If you can’t tell the difference between someone who is trying to create a horrific incidence. Trying to completely destroy a man, because they want him shut the hell up. This is the same method they have tried with how many other people. Yea!! Victims out here in the internet world, victims of those listed above, and you people are acting like sharks. You want to believe the worst in people, rather than act like grown adults and look for the truth.

How would you like the crazies after you, well disagree with anyone of them, and stand back.. They will come, spoof your phones, call your employers, ex-employers, threaten you, your family, file false reports with the police on you.

In one situation, a woman checked into a motel, went to her room. The Clerk received a spoof call of a gas leak, guess who’s number it came from. Thats right the woman who just checked into the motel in Anderson, SC. They grabbed her, the police, the fire Department was there, and she was finally released when they realized the call wasn’t from her it was a spoof. And I also know who she was talking to on the phone, just as she drove up to that motel.

How far will the crazy’s go. There is no limit, and they call others evil. You have no idea how evil each one of those listed are, and you don’t know how many of those names listed above are actually just one person.

Bottom line, if anything happens to Murt, each one of you that are promoting harm to come to him, you will be held responsible. These are not games, these are cruel, ruthless and evil act’s by people who have very severe Mental and emotional issues. Oh yes, 4Free_Speech, the gotcha began when Radio twitted you and warned you what I said about you being the executioner, and your response although you don’t know who I am, that I always think people are someone else. Got Cha…. Hello Executioner aka 4Free_SPeech, and LoadStar3, your the one who provoked my being Dox, GotCha.aka 4Free_Speech aka Loadstar3.. Executioner.. All in one.. Thanks Altha aka radio aka radionewz aka reddios…

Now, the other question is.. is michelle mcnutt really michelle mckee or is that another aka of executioner? Would you like to explain to the class executioner who you really are, and how many other fake twitter accounts you have, and why do you run proxy? And last but not least, what did Murt do to piss off the executioner? I thought you guys were buddies.

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