Saturday Reads, Productive or Unproductive?

12 Jan

Before I post this, I wanted to openly state.. I make Grammar errors, so if your offended and wish to stand and yell about it. Okay, then stop reading the blog, I don’t want to offend anyone who has issues over Grammar.

Late reading through the Saturday Twitters, trying to decide what might have been productive information versus what isn’t? I noticed that radio has been up to its scrawny eyeballs in posting newz, as if it ever did know how to post newz versus plain ole BS. I guess its trying to get the good stuff hidden down into the archives, just in case the big boys are reading. And we know who the big boys are don’t we radio.. Just in case you forgot, let me remind you, The FBI!! I do think they might come a visiting and might just find a few things back in the archives that will make them wonder. My suggestion, HEY FBI, if you come by and read my blog on the way to Radios, or if you followed a link from Radios to my blog, please don’t hesitate to head down into radio’s archives, you know those by Months, Years. And hurry up before she starts deleting.

One of the smartest comments I read to day, I’m going to post. And I can assure one and all, that this isn’t altered in anyway shape or form. Not only is this smart, but very honest and very human. “I liked it”.

smart and honest

And thats all that needs to be said.

Now, I have read that Murt is under attack again, something about that blooming photo that was put out across the entire internet, and the next thing you know, its blown up and out of proportion. My question to the person in the photo. What makes you so important that you believe people want to search you out and find out who you are and where you live or anything else about you? Paranoid much? I don’t care to know any details about you, and I don’t think Murt does either. So, take your toys and go home.

I really think that Murt should just cut the crazy’s off, and just ignore them, think of them as kites blowing in the wind. Only the wind is listening. Those that have jumped on the bandwagon, will dissipate in a day or two or a few weeks. Their big show is over, their fame with the media will die away, and they will go back to unassuming lives, just as they appeared from.

The executioner – on YAWN!! “Rolling Eyes” Great photo thought. Oh I did see that Prinnie was hopping up and down, and oh you must go read at radio’s, its got WOW all over it. YAWN!! “Rolling Eyes”.. Is it nap time yet?

Joey Ortega, is calmly back to his blog and radio show, and continuing with his life. Unaffected by the crazy’s.

But, I do believe that radio, holly and their little crew will wait until they find another bandwagon to jump on.

How’s that anti celebrity working out for you guys? Phones ringing off the hook to get comments from you for tv? I think not.

Now, Holly remember the comment you made to me, when I ask you if you had a link to your video announcing the find of the Casey Anthony Tape? “Oh I don’t have one, I didn’t think it was important to keep a copy of the interview, or a link. After all I’ve been on TV before, and its not a big deal”. Oh really, well I found the link to your hubby announcing the find. Where were you, he didn’t even mention your name. Oh my what a stab to the heart. He did say alot about I and Me.. but never a we, and he never said anything about his wife found it. So, Holly do you have any confessions you wish to stand and summit to the class? I have to admit, that lamp with an electric meter attached to it, is very unique.

Now, I love the comment made by her spouse:
“You can’t be sued for something first that isn’t copyrighted. You can’t be sued for something that was already free on the internet. I just found it,” he said.”

Now, of everything that is listed on the web, does this mean that I can post it? Everything I find? Oh but, I guess its the private stuff about people and where you find it that makes it illegal to do that right? Like finding a full name from lets see, a drivers license? And you get an address to use? Wonder how NC feels about information like that obtained and given out? Humm.

In fact didn’t I read something on the where, someone made a statement about private information being put out was illegal. Hmmm.

Now, lets look at the descriptions of these things.

Now private info, is like your name, home address, phone number, family names, social security number.

Documents obtained, like prior arrest reports, financial information as long as it doesn’t list your bank accounts is okay, court records etc. and they call that Doxing.

Now if you post the truth on several specific locations on the web, they call you crazy or conspirator?

Now, whats left? Lets cover telling lies about people, well thats called libel, and thats illegal.

Then of course we drop down to the bullying, and stalking.

This is where I have to ROFLMAO at Holly, Hey, I got copies of your past life and the threats directed at the great and powerful attorney and the letter put out on radios and then suddenly all things past, the fog has lifted and you miraculously joined the team, all things forgiven?

But, then after all the bs you put out, you open a blog called, Bustedbitchesandinternetstalkers and its on as a sub-domain? Give me a break, talking there about yourself are you? Who in this world would ever want to stalk you? You know you people harass and taunt people, bully and stalk people all over the darn place, and you turn it around like you have good sense and accuse others of stalking you? Help me out here, what planet did you come from?

Do you crazy’s really believe that you can continue getting away with this BS? And do you really have the ability of convincing yourselves that its okay that you hurt others, but boy don’t let them breathe without your permission? You know everything has its time in the Sunlight, but something tells me you crazy’s time is running out of Sunlight. And the only one to blame is yourselves. So, do us a favor, get your fame on, and go on TV and strut your-stuff, it just makes it easier for the big boys to track you. 🙂

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