Wrongfully Accused..

11 Jan

In the past 2 and a half years, I’ve been accursed of everything but letting the dog back in to eat dinner on time. I’ve been called every imaginable name you can imagine. Even told I was in a mental institution that never existed. Been Dox’d so many times by the crazy’s, with documents that could only have come from a specialized location, if you get my drift Radio!! So, the @loadstar3 suggestion to an unknown, it came again. You know what caught my eye, the comment about they are and their. Now, where did I hear that before?

So, this week after the little bragging session by The Execution, which in my opinion is also Loadstar3 and quite possible 4Free_Speech, you know when you’ve had some troll on your back for several years, you sort of get a feeling about it. Plus we also know about the Underscore and the mouth as a MO. I have a collection of those twitter attack accounts and the mouth, always reminds me of a MySpace account a few years back with the tongue sticking out and a pattern on the tongue, remember which one?

Another thing to bring up and talk about is the familiarity of only a few distinct posters about any issue between TH and KP, or Myself and KP. I always think thats strange with one of the odd men out, pops up calling me by my first name, which we also know the person who calls me by my first name. And its not radio. Now, Levi has tried that, but I also know where that comes from.

So, what is the point here today? Seems like something in Troll land has turned on KYAnonymous, and fake threats have been devised, a fake account pulled up in his name with an underscore in it. Welcome to the party KYAnonymous, I only have a large database of PDF files of fake attack twitters account photo copies, about 80 or more. And oddly enough you seem connected either directly or indirectly with the same crazy’s I’ve had to deal with for the last two and a half years. One question, are you getting more publicity out of the protest in Ohio, than the others? And I see, you have now taken on the wording of, the executioner. I wondered if you did this out of your own free will, or did someone suggest it. Oddly enough is it going to reach around and have you responsible for all of the executioner twitter accounts that were suspended? Or all of the executioner comments on

Do you want me to believe you are the same person who has raised hell with me for the last year? And you have access to Kim Picazio’s documents in her court action in Florida against TH, after all that was only posted on Radio’s forum, and she removed, it was posted way back in September 2011. I wondered how did the executioner on radionewz, would just have that particular segmented paragraph, out of a 300 page document? Took alot of time to find it, how did you know it was in there and where to look? Oh I know the executioner was being a Clairvoyant, like Doug Roberts made reference to the word, when he said he had to look the word up, because after all he was only a Construction lawyer.

So, if by chance you are not associated in anyway with this group of crazies, I would appreciate you being very open and just say. Hey, I’m not that executioner. By doing that, they can’t point any fingers at you. Want my opinion? Probably not, I think they need to get rid of you. And this is how it starts.

And as the readers out there should honestly know by now. There is always two sides of a story, and if your only getting what people what you to believe, and you believe it.. Shame on you!! Your allowing someone to pull you around by the nose. And oddly enough if anyone took that posting by the execution on Th to heart, you should hear the real story, the real truth, cause that one from the executioner, was only to make people believe bullshit and you never ask, how it got its information other than from McNutt’s posting and since mcnutt wasn’t ever involved prior to this prinnie issue, what would mcnutt know? Unless that really isn’t michelle Mckee! Oh my, do we have another fake attack account?

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