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09 Jan

I pulled up the news online this morning, checking out the latest on the Ohio case. One of the first things that pops up is the comment and article title I guess they are using this for shock and awe purposes. “The most hated town in American”. Thats a hitter, of course I could honestly name a few others myself that should hold that title. I heard the school was on lock down, and that people were being threatened? Hmm-mm, does the word anarchy sound familiar, not that I haven’t used it lately a few times. What has this creation become, a man feeding shark on a frenzy?

Now, another question I would have is.. Whats gonna happen when the authorities finally start putting the pieces together, and determine exactly where this all began. You see, all things have a beginning and this did too!! Like many other things that occur, we might well find that this was orchestrated, planned and when bumps in the road accrued, they just had to shift things around a bit.

Are people so over zealous that they truly believe they can accomplish anything by trying to threaten an entire community? And will walk away without ever being uncovered and made to pay for their actions? Yea right, you may glow and bask in the sunshine today thinking of how important you are and how well you have your identity covered and hidden, but its gonna come out.

Now, that we have determined there is a head of the snake. There is someone in particular that will be discovered, and authorities will grab hold of, and then of course there are all the little guys this one pulled into the mix and it/she/he will be feeding to the law. So boys and girls of crazy land, get ready.. Oh maybe thats why people are upset their actual photos might end up Nationwide? Oh, and I wanted to thank @DJay1031 and the rest of the dysfunctional groupies for being such loyal followers of my blog.

So, now you guys have accomplished putting a small town in Ohio under siege, “Hows that working out for You”. For those of you that live in Steubenville, Ohio. Doesn’t this just make you proud, to know your community is terrorized? And to what reason will this be justified? The Criminal act that occurred, and was handled by the authorities? Or as it began, the original reason was to protest and protect Prinnies civil rights? Funny how this shifted from one cause to the other isn’t it? All the way down the pike to creating Anarchy and putting a town and towns people under siege. I did notice that radionewz had been kind enough to list a guide line for those who would attend the protest. One must ask, Radio were you promoting the protest? This appears as an organizational list, did you compile it? You did post it for those you knew would be in Ohio.

organized listingorganized listing2

Oh, and the comments put out by executioner.. What more do I need to ask, since the executioner has done a tell all. Thanks, I’m sure that Law Enforcement is going to enjoy this little fill in!! Orchestration, take over of a community for profit and fame? Screen shots below.
Your right, I don’t create Anarchy to obtain profit and fame, nor does TH or Murt. Only you, thanks Executioner so are you the head of the snake?

“@Murtwitnessone @McGreggorsBack and @THolmseth take note
January 9, 2013 | by Executioner | Blog | 3 Comments

There are some individuals who know how to properly use social media and put it to good use. For example, Prinnie and Levi Page have used social media to bring attention to cases and issues. Both have appeared on national TV a number of times.

Recently, we’ve seen how Prinnie has used social media to bring attention to a gang rape case out of Steubenville, OH that wasn’t getting proper coverage by the local media. Because of Prinnie, the nationally known Anonymous entered into the case and made shocking discoveries, including one witness to the rape making fun, joking, and saying disgusting/offensive things about the victim while being recorded.

Prinnie has appeared on CNN, HLN, and the Roseanne Barr Radio Show to discuss this case. She made screenshots of the social media activity of those involved or connected to the rape, and blogged about it on her blog. Thousands of people have showed up in Steubenville, OH to protest and demand justice for the victim. She started and got the ball rolling on a movement.

Then there are those TARDS who do not know how to correctly use social media. McGreggorsBack aka Mary J Lee and MURT are two examples of that. Murt uses social media to pester and harass people. While Mary uses it to spin her weird and crazy conspiracy theories.

Tim Holmseth is someone else who doesn’t know how to use social media to bring attention to important subjects and get it nationwide attention. He authored a shitty book on the Haleigh Cummings case and the only attention it got, was from the local news in JAX, and he was lucky to get that.

Plus, everyone on twitter, facebook, blogs and forums thinks Holmseth is crazy, and when his name is mentioned online, people are disgusted or go on to make fun of him for his crazy ways.

So you three tards better take note. Because your current ways of going about things is very shitty and obviously not working out for ya!”


I always know to set back and wait just a while, I knew the executioner could not stand not letting everyone know what she’s up to, and her newest accomplishments. I can always count on you executioner. Did your article make me feel bad that I just don’t know how to misuse social media, NO!! Thats your job in life!!

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