Thanks to the Crazies

05 Jan

I must say thank you to the crazies, they love taking everything I post and throwing a nasty little twist to make people believe that I’m reeking evil thoughts and deeds. Yet, all your doing is driving people in my direction to read. Planting seeds of truth, and encouraging others to seek knowledge. Stats are going through the roof. First you don’t want them coming by to read, remember they are all laughing at me.. Now, your sending them over like waves. Can’t make up your mind.

How the crazies can take the concept of prevention to stop young girls from having to go through a life time of the results, of having gone through a terrible traumatic situation of being raped, and then turning it into something else. Your fangs are showing altha, with blood dripping off of them.

There has not been a working preventative in over 50 years to stop the assaults on young women. Apparently, the crazies think that prevention is bad versus the aspects the young girl has to live with the rest of her life. Does anyone remember their Mothers telling them, An ounce of Prevention is worth a Pound of Cure? Apparently in their lust of hate and need to attack this messenger, they have chosen to twist my statements and comments. So, does this mean that the crazies are saying that a young girl should not take any preventative measures to protect herself? That if she is sexually assaulted its okay, and and then we have the opportunity to throw stones at the person who raped her?

What at this point have the crazies brought forth in the protection of any innocent young girl? Attacking me and throwing hot air to the wind, doesn’t stop one rape that will occur every few moments. Yet, had one young girl been encouraged to be more aware of her surroundings, and not put herself in a situation might prevent a rape. Do anyone of the crazies know the difference between a rape and date rape? Now, can anyone of the crazies explain to me, exactly what does a rapist look for in a victim? And date rape is primarily involving juveniles, male and female. So, the crazies believe that by my suggesting that girls be more aware of their surroundings, to dress less provocatively is my belief that a girl is asking for it and wanting to get raped? Is this your insanity ruling as usual Altha?

Next, Oh i’ve been Doxed. Is this your concept Altha to have juveniles who are good at hacking or learning about people on the computer, or having people who can run peoples backgrounds and locate their private information, is a justification for people who disagree with you? First of all you know that it is illegal to do this, but you do it that shows intent. Needless to say, you’ve messed up again, and you are posting people’s information that have nothing to do with me. You are committing more that just a Crime. You are a criminal altha, and those you are working with to produce information and put it online are also criminals. Are you stupid enough, not to realize the ramifications of what that sheriff said last night? They are reading altha. Twitter, radionewz, prinnies blog, one link runs to another. Don’t you remember when radionewz forum was hit in September of 2010, not only by detectives but also by the ACLU which followed a photo in? Thought I didn’t know about that huh. Major cleanup came real fast, but it was already too late. So, let me put it to you this way, so go ahead, you keep messing around putting up innocent peoples names, address’s and phone numbers, and one of your wild juveniles will make the mistake of jumping on it and calling or threatening or harassing these people, and they are going to track it right back to your door. And then altha it won’t be a lawsuit for you to worry about, its gonna be a big grey hotel, with bars on the doors and windows. Just keep on, remember encouraging a juvenile to commit a criminal act is also deemed a felony. Doesn’t have to be encouraging them to drink or use drugs, contributing to the delinquency of a minor. So, keep it up altha, its not me you have to answer to. Guaranteed, I’ve already sent a letter with attachments to the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office. He has a whole division under him and they investigate computer hackers, harassers, stalkers. And he also knows all about the long arm of the law, reaches all the way to Kansas. Maybe between the state of Ohio, and the state of NC, they will finally put an end to you and your friends madness. In fact altha your crazy is showing!!


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