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05 Jan

I received this message in an email last night, from a person who knows the law, better than I do? Probably at least you would think so. Now, to set the doubters straight right off the bat. No, this person isn’t a construction attorney. Although, one has to realize that any good construction attorney is well worth their weight in gold, after all they are prepared for both criminal and civil cases. And know how to do it well!! One of my favorite Construction Attorneys is ta da, “Doug Roberts.” Sort of like my Hero!!

Now, I didn’t write this, I didn’t research this out. I am only the Poster.
And there is no doubt that this would also cover anyone pretending to be part of an hacktivist group!

“A hacktivist group may appear to the average person to be no more than various anonymous people that go on the Web and wreak havoc.

However, a hacktivist group is actually organized crime in violation of RICO. It will be the RICO statute that is used to trace, identify, and criminally charge individual members of the organized group (hacktivists).

The FBI knows better than to think these people do not know each other, and if they decide to prove organization; they will.

When the feds make arrests under RICO, Freedom of Press and Freedom of Speech will not be what are at issue. That will be a mute point and non-issue. It will be the ‘organization’ of the criminal activity.

People are free to write what they want, and think what they want, but…

When one member, of an organized group, contacts another member of the organized group, and directs that member to begin some kind of assault, with the help of several others in the group, onto a third party, that is organized crime. RICO was actually developed so law enforcement could begin dismantling the Mob. A noted situation they often faced was a Mob boss giving an order for some thug to do a hit – they were not allowed to charge the Boss because he didn’t actually kill the guy. RICO made it illegal for that Mob boss to ‘order’ that hit. RICO pursues organized crime.

You touched on this on your blog when you noted certain people were being arbitrarily singled out.

A hacktivist group is going to be dismantled under the same RICO statute used to dismantle organized street gangs.”

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