04 Jan

I was told last night that one of the twitter crazy’s aka loadstar3, what happened to 0, 1 and 2, was moaning, bitching and lying again.  Now, This one began on murt not long ago and was posting comments such being able to slip right in, security was bad.  Giving reference to gaining access to what his website or his email.  Takes a brave or very stupid individual to post this info online bragging to friends, or was it just another mouthful of bullshit.  So, what are they going on about now?  Well, posting on a blog with information on it they don’t share a belief in, is one excuse. Another, oh people went against Prinnie.  Give me break.. No one gives a shit about Prinnie, unless they are tied in at the knees with radionewzblog, levi, holly or tight associations, which also includes this loadstar3.  Next, we find they seem to have their own personal Anon they whimper and whine to.. “Oh these guys are mean to us, and we don’t like what they say”, so is this the tone you need to encourage an Anon with? So, you have an Anon you have encouraged to do the deeds huh, and loadster has pointed the way at a person or persons it claims to have a vendetta against?  Now, what is the Anon Vow? We do not forgive, we do not forget. Now, if I’m correct this vow is based on protecting people’s civil rights.  And its more in an aspect as a whole, rather than just singling people out and pointing a finger and in a child like manner claiming this person is bad and I want you to go after them.  I daresay, doubt there are a lot of Anon’s out there that give two hoots in hell, what I say or when I say it. And don’t care if I have an opinion on the facade Prinnie.  And just maybe Loadstar3 needs to go by the forum and read.. You just might learn something here.

If Anonymous is an organize group to protect the average citizen’s Civil Rights, one of course is Freedom of Speech. Does the organize group have a code of ethic’s? Why would they allow individuals to commit acts of anarchy?  Would they want to allow individuals to participate who’s only agenda is to use the organization and members of the organization to intimidate and threaten individuals? On the basis of personal vendetta?  My instincts tell me they wouldn’t.  Even if the individual who has the vendetta is a member of the organization it would seem to me that individual could well be called down for their actions, and in reality why would they want a participant within the organized group who could jeopardize the validity of the group itself?  You can’t have an Organized group to protect the average citizen from harassment, abuse and violating their civil rights, if you are going to encourage threatening, abusing and violating an individuals right to free speech, sheerly because you don’t like what they say.  There is a fine line, and Anonymous as a group, needs to reign in their Loadstar3.  If this does not belong to them, then I do believe they need to hold this person responsible for abusing what ever authority it believes it has, and using the organize group for destructive purposes, under false pretenses. 



First of all, none of these people, have ever worked with Rape Victims. None of these people know the variances, and the aspects of working with or teaching young women and men, the reality of DATE RAPE.. None of these people quite get it, that all of the old practiced concepts.. Have not worked in 50 years!!  So, there has to be a conclusion, that something must be changed in the system, to make a difference, and stop using basic denials.  Lastly, there was never a mention of the Ohio case, this was used to create unrest and anarchy.   Also, Anonymous was not involved to protect Prinnie per-say, they were involved to protect the concept of FREEDOM OF SPEECH.  To put the anon to rest, who made comments about me being a crooked cop? And that I probably had a son, I got off of a rape case.  “Bite Me” Jerk!!  I have never had a son!!  I was never a Crooked Cop. I worked directly on Rape cases. Both Adults, Juveniles, and molested children. I taught classes in the Junior Highs and High Schools on Date Rape.. While you were waiting in cyber space to be born, I was on the streets wading through the shit and slime trying to protect people.  But, one lesson to learn, much like you , you cannot protect people from themselves!! Until you’ve walked a mile in my shoes, you have no justification to comment!! And had I ever had a son who committed a violent crime, I would be the first one closing the doors on his ass in jail, just as I would against any of you, who would hack my computer, or threaten to hack it. Just remember when you do, you leave footprints within!!  And by the way, I wasn’t the one who reported your friend bpsyops2 ( Psychological warfare (PSYWAR), or the basic aspects of modern psychological operations (PSYOP), have been known by many other names or terms).

Now lets do an analysis on that choice of a name, b might well stand for first initial of your given name or your last name, then attached to the term psyops, who planned ahead knowing the possibility of being nailed by twitter for commentaries, which of course means you know the rules, you just don’t follow them. Now the term psyop, did you hear about this in the movie “The General’s Daughter”, or are you more familiar with the term. We know there is a top psyop school at Bragg, in fact a few years back, one of their students managed to murder his young pregnant girlfriend, who was also military, in a motel bathroom, and to throw off the cops he sent a letter projecting this horrific crime might well have been committed by “Zodiac”. Needless to say, he should have spent more time in class before attempting to commit such an evil act. I believe, you need to spend more time watching “CSI” you know the TV show based on the FBI’s Criminal Behavioral Unit in Quantico. So, bpsyops2 what are you, a wanna bee? A student in the psyop school, which of course would make you military, a prior student, which would make you prior military or currently in the military. Now, that could get rough!! Or are you just a figment of Loadstars imagination? You also know that loadstar is also the figment of someone else imagination. So there you have it. 

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