Wake UP Call

03 Jan

Take a moment today, and pull up google. Type in, or copy and paste from here:

“US sexual assault cases involving High school football teams”

Make sure you have a good strong cup of coffee in hand, and watch what comes up!!
If by chance you want a little bit further info on this topic, try a search on this-

“US sexual assault cases involving football teams”

Now, Lets go a little bit further, and just add a search for:

“sexual assault cases reported in 2012”

Are you getting the point yet? Sexual Assault has been a problem in our society forever, numbers change, the type of assailant, different methods, and never doubt that Women are the only Victims.

For those who are reading Joey Ortega’s Blog, he’s giving you some of the most valued information, on how a community and its leaders can be the most involved elements that may well be a basis to deal with in preventing these crimes. Now, he has singled out on particular community and it is an example, a fine example of thousands of other small communities that we are having this sudden wake up call.

Now, look around your own community. Your High School Football Team, and how they are promoted, excelled and lavished with praise on one hand and verbal abused on the other when they do not perform weekly in their games, to meet the satisfaction of the Boosters, the alumni, the school officials. Give you a small example to help make this clearer, Schools have varying programs for the kids. Sports, Band, Chorus, Debate etc. Now, in sports we have Football, Basketball, Track and in some schools Golf. Now, the majority of that will be spent on the varying divisions, Sports will be the highest amounts, Band less, Chorus, much less, and Debate, I’m sure the mom and dad’s don’t mind transporting.

With Sports, they spend money on Uniforms, travel, motels, food etc. Of course, the cheerleaders travel with the Teams. Cheerleaders for both Football and Basketball. Track generally doesn’t have cheerleaders, after all the girls are primarily used to pump up the team, and the crowds excitement. Now, do not misunderstand what I’m saying, Cheerleaders must work very hard to accomplish their position, must be very talented. But, I do believe they get the opportunity to find away to buy their uniforms, after all the bulk of the money is going for FOOTBALL.

Again, do not misunderstand me, I have a grandson who plays football, and he’s tough. But, I also know that only the teaching and education that he has acquired on the world of women, and the do not touch without permission rules that have been soundly ground into his brain. “Respect Women”. So, I’m not condemning all Football or Football Players.

Junior High Football, is considered valuable to the parents and school, and it isn’t promoted as much. Now, When you reach High School you still have two variations of Football, the younger freshman players, and you have “Varsity”. Thats where the money goes, onto the Varsity Football Team, pride of the community. Celebrated by business owners, donations. Thats what the Community bases their fall celebrations on.

Now, you may have a child in band, but you’ll find their instruments are old, the uniforms have survived the last 5 or so years of children, and you might end up sending several hundreds of dollars on an instrument your child can play. The Band may well be in completion all over the state, in which you travel and watch your child perform, there are no cheerleaders, there is no band-fare for these children, and the trophy’s they bring home are not celebrated, although put into a glass case, that only the band children can take pride in as they walk by. Now, your child in band may well be able to obtain a small grant to go onto college, but not in comparison, with Sports.

Football, leads to full scholarships, as well for Basketball and Track. Could lead to the pros. So, you have a group of boys who spend their summers struggling on the field trying to meet the expectations of perfection to get ready for the games. Hot summers, doesn’t matter, these kids are pushed beyond reason. And suddenly they hit the field and all are heroes as long as they make the goals and win the games. All of the young girls are so impressed, and its a classic concept, all young girls want to date the Jocks. These are the most celebrated boys in town, their dads live vicariously through their son’s football accomplishments. And no one better tamper with the possibility of these son’s of the Football world, reaching their full capacity.

Now, you have a group of young men, who are torn between their own doubts, education, experience, and the demand for performance and perfection. Hey, don’t let a teacher interfere with a football player and give bad marks, that might take the boy off the field.
Has anyone ever noticed, how you have a mixture of younger looking football players and those who look like they are in their 20’s? I can give you a name of a school to visit next fall, and you can set back in wonderment and ask, what is going on here?

Now, where does the evil and downfall come in. Basically, it still falls under “date rape”. Which can be best described as the young man or boy being told NO, and not respecting that decision. It also has the impact of what and how these young men have been raised in views of women. Very simple, that Women are valuable and to be protected, respected. Or for young men to be judgmental, demanding, controlling and unstoppable. And now you have these young men in a football uniform, celebrated by the entire community, untouchable and there are no controls. At home, at school, in the community or with young women.

So, how is this stopped? Well, I can assure you that your won’t be stopping the hero football aspect of it. Sons, Dad’s, Grandpas, great Grandpas.. Not dealing with sports!!
Well, its also a known factor that not all football players will fall into the typical characteristics of not respecting women. Maybe those young men are the answer, maybe they need to be studied, those who are special and cause no harm. They are the key.

Now, young women who fall into the aspects of victim. A victim use to be considered a person who is at the wrong place at the wrong time. Today, a victim is anywhere an assailant can find them, they are an opportunity. Walking down the street, driving in a car or sleeping soundly in their own bed. Young girls are not raised under the concept of awareness. Dress as they please, because Momma’s think they need to learn to demonstrate their own independence. Women have demanded their rights of independence, and go bra less, to meet a point, but they still do not understand the typical thinking of the male. So, Mommas think its okay to wear short skirts and low cut blouses, because it should never make a difference. Like it or not, men and young men still judge a girl or woman by the way they dress. When women or young girls dress provocatively with the intent to attract a male, thats exactly what they do. Now in sexual assault cases it is deemed, that it doesn’t matter what a young girl or women are wearing, there is no justification for the criminal act. This is true, it isn’t a justification. But it is part of the attraction leading to victim. In short, you can’t have it both ways. Young girls must be taught awareness, of their actions and what is acceptable and not. How many times have you gotten dressed to go out at night, or your daughter has, and Hubby or Dad has been taken back and said, your going to wear that out? His reaction is caution, yet your taking his reaction as jealousy.

When a woman goes out to a bar alone dressed provocatively, what is her intent? Is she there to just drink and dance? Does she not realize that her concepts and the man gender concepts are two different things? Maybe, women should stop worrying about doing what they want to do, just because they now have equality and start being realistic. You’ve seen the stats on Women and Men in the military that are being sexually assaulted, and there are some that don’t survive. These are trained individuals, who are quite capable of going to war and defending their very lives, yet fall victim to assailants. With this concept in mind, what choices and defense does a young girl have? This goes right back to the home, what Mom and Dad teach, how they allow her to act, how they allow her to dress, and the freedoms they allow her to have. If young 15 year old are not allowed to go to young men’s homes alone with them, to frat houses of all males, or men’s barracks. The question I would have to ask, is who is the parent here and why in this world would young girls be allowed to go and be alone in these locations and situations, where is the mom and dad?

I once knew a woman who was the same age as I, she was heroin addict and I was a cop. I was guarding her in the hospital where she was undergoing treatment for a failing liver, due to the addiction. As we talked that night, we compared our paths.. How did she ended up on drugs versus my ending up with a badge. Both of us had children at home, and she expressed her thoughts and concerns over her children, knowing that she was going to prison. She ask me to keep an eye out for her children, and told me where they would be living with their Grandmother. So, I would drop by occasionally both in uniform and out, to check on them and see if they needed anything. About a year and a half later, I dropped in one afternoon. As usual the kids were open and communicating except for the absence of the oldest girl, Grandma was very unhappy because the oldest who was 13 years old was pregnant and she was afraid the girl was into drugs. Babies having babies. You see in those days, nothing could be done since the age of consent was 13 with the exception of a professional man. So, what is the moral of this story? The choices we as adults make that end up costing our children.

Those where the days when you would see the sign “Have you hugged your child today” and “Do you know where your child is”. Maybe new ones need to be added, “Does your child understand NO!”, “What did you teach your child today”. “Does your child respect Authority”.
“Does your son respect Women”. “Does your Child think Sex means Control”.

So, the next time you ladies are out shopping, and you see a group of young girls alone at the mall, watch who’s watching the girls.

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