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Lets talk about the fake search, the search that brought BLStarke and Gunny into the picture.  I think one of the issues that bothers me the most, is how such a kind and caring person was so deliberately mistreated.  For what reason did the group go after Blstarke, simple because she was in the wrong place, the wrong time and because she told the truth. in Conjunction with the radio blog that was up and running in 2009, they had a fake gunny on the site, the behavior of adults as I look back, was absolutely appalling.  Yet this was their choice to make fun of an elderly woman, and her pride in joy in life, gunny the dog.  Many of you have no idea who blstarke was or is, second just how knowledgeable she was after she ran a foundation for her dogs, she took the dogs to the nursing home several nights a week for the dogs to comfort and visit elderly people in the home.  Such a small little woman, who took care of such huge dogs, and mothered them.  

Now, lets go back to the search.  It was established for a Saturday,  late in March 2009, the search team gathered at the Haleighbug center for a barbecue, and then would head out to San Mateo.  Now this location has always been an odd choice, the distance from where Haleigh disappeared. We would learn in time, this location would be of interest since it was a party location that young people gathered to party and drug usage. Also, it would be an area designated as to the location that Amber got  nay nays vehicle stuck in the sand. Plus later on in a conversation held between TH and Johnny Sheffield it lead to the belief that maybe Misty was also seen in this very location the night HaLeigh went missing. 

Now, prior to the search. BLStarke had been contacted and requested to search for Haleigh using her dog.  Apparently most people either didn’t listen when told this fact, or they just simple became determined to ignore this general fact. So the day of the search Blstarke arrived at the Haleighbug Center, and one of the first things she did, was contact Marie Griffis, Haleigh’s grandmother on her mothers side. Members of the group waiting at the center had told Blstarke that Marie had a pair of Haleigh’s shoes and reminded her that the odor from the shoes would be more intense and gunny would have a better scent to track. So, Blstarke walked up to Marie and ask if she could let Gunny smell the shoes, the response was blunt and direct. “Oh I don’t have them anymore she said, I gave them to Morgan”.  Now, someone help me here, this is a grandmother who is desperately seeking her missing Granddaughter, a child she hasn’t seen in over a month, has no concept where this child is, or who this child is with. And she takes a pair of Haleigh’s shoes and gives them away to another child to wear, and Morgan is Chad Griffis daughter. Even after 3 years, I must admit I do not comprehend those actions, or was this just a statement and Marie had the shoes. Well if that were the case why wouldn’t Marie want the shoes used, or was it that Marie didn’t want to bring attention to the shoes, or that since this was going to be a fake search, they certainly didn’t want any scents of Haleigh showing up?  Confused yet?  Rather find alot of confusing behavior during that time period, and hey, its still going on today and you have to wonder what are the crazies still trying to protect and hide?On on, Blstarke ended up using one of Haleigh’s little purses, that she carried everywhere.  You see HaLeigh was adamant in carrying purses, and also her makeup, and we are not referring to little girls pretend make up, hey guys we are talking about the real stuff.  A comment still rings in my ear, “Hey, I think Crystal used to keep HaLeigh’s purses at her house at each visit, so she could have the makeup”,  Now would anyone like to raise their hand and tell me why a 5 year old child needed adult makeup, and carried it with her everywhere?  makes as much sense as a mother who gives her son an IPhone to take to visit his Dad, with instructions, photo and record your daddy, and call me every half hour, or text me.  So, kindergarden classes are now teaching texting?  Why did HaLeigh need to wear real makeup is going to be the next question?  The photos that I have been blasted over, there were a series of posed photos, in different outfits, and only 4 could be found on the web. You see those photos were sold to a woman on the internet after HaLeigh went missing, the charge was going to be a thousand dollars, but the grandparent selling these photos of her precious missing granddaughter, got rooked. The woman never paid up.

So, back to the purse. This is the scent that gunny had to seek for HaLeigh.

Well, they all go out to the search site, and these is where the minister Regan was having conversations with BLstarke, and he told her that he was affiliated with the FBI etc. And on one point he didn’t want gunny to enter into a specific area, and even when to the point of slashing at a group of vines with a machete and actually hit gunny’s leather lead.  Now, his even being there would later be denied and Blstarke would be lashed soundly and called a liar and comments that she was crazy. But, we do have copies of the emails that were sent out and received with instructions to put a stop to any talk about Regan being present at the search.  Yes, I have copies of those emails. People forget when things are put out on the web, eventually they will be found and kept and even placed back out on the web!!Now, what was found at San Mateo.. lets see a glove with sap on it, like a work glove people who cut trees, would use. old sand buckets, one with the name of HaLeigh on it. actually it was mostly garbage.  Now, inside of the vines area that Regan hit with the machete, on a second visit to the area, and I do have it on video. And no Blstarke did not return alone to the area, there were toys found hidden under the brush. A doll house, several smaller in house toys. Oddly enough these must have been what gunny was trying to reach that day, yet why would they have been in the brush?  My concept was, someone had gathered up the toys to be thrown away and thats where they landed, along with a glove from the trash.  Now, what was found that is amazing and unexplainable.  A set of keys!!  You see, when the searchers would locating items they weren’t notifying the authorities of their finds, they were calling William Cobra Staubs,  and when he arrived and got out of his big black truck and talking to the searchers, darned if he didn’t look down and there was the set of keys at his toe in the sand, and he grabbed them up and knew exactly what vehicle they were going to belong to.. And that it did, those keys would open up not only the trunk of Nay nays car but it would also open up her door and drive the darn thing.  Now, one point on this you have stop for a second and remember.  On Friday night, the 6th of February, all of Misty’s clothes were thrown into the trunk of Nay Nay’s car.  They partied that weekend, and apparently those keys to that vehicle were lost on Sunday night? or Monday night? needless to say, guess who’s clothes were still in the trunk of Nay Nay’s car?

After the search, and Blstarke total disappointment in the conversations, the claims, the actions and she realized it wasn’t a legitimate search. She did report the entire thing to the authorities.  And we must note that reaction by authorities to the found items, well they didn’t want any of them, didn’t want to make a report. And a statement to Jeremiah Regan by one Peggy Cone,  she told him he needed to stay clear of the Cobra, cause he could end up going to jail. Odd comment huh?  So, what did PCSO know at that time, they weren’t sharing with the class?  Also note, that a no time was the bio Dad’s family invited to go out on this search for HaLeigh.

So, we find that from the point of the search forward, Blstake was verbally abused, insulted, called an idiot, called crazy, threatened, intimidated.  Why and by whom?  Well skip on over to the crazy’s blog and they will be just going to town on this one.. You’ll have your answer.  Now who of you so called Peeps, that know Blstarke stood up for her? How many of you took the crazies on? Defended her? Protected her? Too many of you stood behind the skirts of sood, and abused Blstarke.  In my opinion, I would rather have 10 of Blstarke than 50 of the peeps that lingered behind the skirts of sood.  At least I know who’s going to be honest and telling the truth and who isn’t.  Now, did you know about the afternoon Blstarke went on Marie Griffis Facebook and ask her where to send a donation check for the Haleighbug Foundation? Well, the response from one of the posters was rather cold and ruthless, the boy-child from Tenn, who calls grown men “Bitch” on audio tapes, made the comment, that Blstarke was an insensitive Idiot for not considering Marie’s feelings. Hello? To my knowledge the HaLeighbug Foundation was setup to receive donations that would be tax exempt.  Or have people forgotten this?  First it was in the Lawyers name and hundreds and hundreds of letters were being received in that office, so many that they thought they were going to have to hire more help to take care of all the mail coming in, and then after the spit between the attorney and the family, it was changed over into Marie Griffis name as President.  Now, a comment that Griffis has made in the past, about receiving any of these letters that would have been directed to the family, with well wishes and concern for HaLeigh, never made it to the family. Where are these hundreds and hundreds of letters and what ever might have been inside in a monetary fashion? The family never received any of them, after all to bring them to the family it would take trucks to deliver the files being held.  Of course you peeps as referred to, don’t care about these issues.  You apparently haven’t paid that much attention over the last 3 years other than to blast and threaten me and others who tried to tell the truth.

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