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Now, lets take a step further, we have covered Wayanne, or have we. What story does she tell? She says she wanted to go to the police and turn over evidence she had that would help the HaLeigh case. And that she was talked down and told no she shouldn’t, and then drugged and taken to the airport and put on a plane. Unfortunately, what ever meds she was on, was reacting and caused her to have a mild heart attack. Now, if it were only Wayanne telling this and not the memory of a Security Officer at the Airport in Jacksonville, Florida that remembered her condition as she was poured on the plane and sent west. So, why would this have happened, if it did?  Well, for some reason a story Wayanne told about being afraid to look at disc in her own home from the HaLeigh case for fear of the electronic invasions of her residence. I will admit when I heard this, I thought What? Now, I look back and I have to wonder.. and everyone should.. But, she and her hubby took the disc to another community, and settled down in a motel room to watch the disc. Whats on those disc’s or should I say, what is on that disc?

A long time ago, I remember listening to a taped conversation and the voice was so distorted that I would have no idea who that might be. But, they were talking about this disc that had photos of HaLeigh on it.. Yep, those photos.  I really hadn’t though about that issue until, the attack from the executioner on the blog accusing TH of having those photos. See the key word here is disc, this I would find out. “disc”.  Well, th does not have those photos on his hard drive or on a disc. But, it was very odd that this would come flying out, just after the crazy’s released the info that Th had his computer taken during a search Warrant.  well guys, as to the internet files presented, it says search warrant, but never mentions a thing about the computer. So, who had this information to share with the class, and where did this information come from. Only a select few would have access to any person in Minn that would have this knowledge.  So does the attack from executioner relate in anyway to the knowledge of the computer on the search warrant?  Photos? Disc? Has to make you wonder.  So, what happens after the Minn authorities get through with this computer and haven’t found anything?  we will know what they did or didn’t find on Friday. So, will the issues they were looking for still be, where are they?  Well, if this is the case, I’m sure that if ask that question, that TH will look them straight in the eye and say, >>>>>>>>>>>>> has the disc, and made the phone call.  Now, this in essence could lead this case further and maybe >>>>>>>>>>>>> is contacted and ask? Do you have these photos on a disc?  Did you ever sent them to TH? and if the answer is NO, but this is how I got them in the first place.

Now, all this leads back to another story Wayanne told, about a witness seeing two people go to Ron’s trailer about 2 weeks prior to Haleigh gone missing, and these two people were there for photography purposes.

Confused yet? Why wasn’t the authorities notified about this? Or was there an attempt? So many questions, so few answers.. can only openly speak the thoughts running through my mind.  Oh, you know that element of freedom of thought and speech.After all, for the last three years I along with others have been plummeted with the term, Conspiracy Theorist. Really?  When there is a number of people associated with those who believe that the government is bomb directing at people with electronic waves. Thus that would reflect back to the little photos with the tin foil hats right? Hey, I’m not the one who came up with those or posted them, something on your mind? Afraid the government is going to read it with a long distance reader, wow thats odd we had one of those in the HaLeigh case.  I got blasted over that one too huh?  Lets see what else did I get blasted for,  oh a letter posted on a forum in August 2010, that literally I could evaluate and deem that in itself was a full fledged accusation clearly showing a conspiracy theory.  And what was that over, lets see if I can remember. A conversation on DM through Twitter.  Now, if that Trinity I thought was really Britney Allen, who at the time was residing in Fort Lauderdale, then who could it have been.  Was that DM the real reason I was attacked on the forum, or was there something else?  Was this after people were learning about some photos and to my having a lack of knowledge about these photos at that point, the fear that I knew?  Jokes on others, cause I didn’t.  Then of course could it have been a document that was distributed in October of 2009.  The document talking about the sighting of Haleigh in SC. Well, the sighting took place on April 26, 2009 about 6:30pm.  The document was sent out in late August 2009 to Attorney NeJames in Orlando, since he was acting at that point as the attorney for the bio dad’s family. A copy to PCSO, FDLE and a copy to The FBI.  Now, as issues arose with the bio dad family and NeJames, he gave his copy to Tim Miller, who in turn gave the copy to Becca, who in turn sent the copy to TH and he published it.  Was I aware that it was published, not until someone started throwing fits on the blog radio show. Then I had to track it down as to who and when it was published.  Now in this document, a young man was identified by the couple who witnessed the sighting, it helped with his sticking his head out the back window glaring at them. Giving them a very good view.  The female, the couple found a photo on the internet of a young red headed girl, whom I believe might be related to the croslin family. And of course HaLeigh.  Now, thats the contents of that document.  But, there was someone out there making accusations, that the witness and I was accusing this person of being in SC and kidnapping HaLeigh. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out where or why this was happening. None of us to my knowledge ever breathed this persons name in conjunction with that sighting.  Never once even suggested or did it ever come to mind. Only this person was making talk about it, and I couldn’t understand why this person would want to bring that kind of attention to themselves on the internet. The document was published on TH site, everyone could go there and see what it said. There was never anything posted by me or the witness about the person having a jumping up and down fit. How dare we accuse this person. Delusional Much?  Then I thought well, I have 3 points here of why the attack was needed, maybe it had something to do with what? there was nothing else!  You see, I had disliked this person so much from the beginning, I avoided it like the bubonic plague. So there wasn’t anything else.

So, on all three points, this person was wrong.  All of the hell thrown, the abuse and harassment encouraged, was unjustified.  But, on which one of these has the last three years been based? Conspiracy Theory.   If I had to take my pick today on why this has occurred, I have to wonder if its over the photos on the disc?  The reason I say that, is every-time there is an attack over specific issues,  I know where they connect to. Someone out there has an uncanny behavior of trying to reflect their own problems against others.  Its quite simple to grasp, if this specific person had a fight with hubby, then of course the person being attacked would have been having a fight with the spouse. Just a form of reflection.  Maybe for lack of having anything better to say!! So again I ask, what happens when they don’t find those photos on TH Computer, or any disc he had at the house or on anything  he has?  This opens the door for him to start talking. Oh yes, the conversations with wayanne are on that computer and the conversation about the photos and the disc are on that computer, and it clarifies that Th never received them. So, there you go but to what direction now?  Now, my own mind did ask the question of itself, could those photos on a disc lead to answers that might help solve the HaLeigh case?  And who all has or had copies of those photos? And what is going to be the date on those photos? So many questions, so few answers huh?

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