Oh the Complexity

29 Dec

I read Murts Blog this morning, based on confessions of the Juvenile male in the Ohio case. Confessions that were due to duress and threats and a drop of the civil suit case he and his family had filed against adults who demand their freedom of speech ability. Now, it seems that the ACLU was involved backing these adults in their demand to exercise their civil rights, yet in the midst this juvenile has had his rights trampled on. So, how can the ACLU stand and support this groups activities, yet leave this Juvenile to suffer his fate, and his rights having been ignored. Now, we know that if by chance this child is arrested, charged and convicted based on this confession, if by chance he is confessing to any illegal activity. The conviction would be overturned in any appeals court. So, we are still watching Adult behavior versus Juvenile behavior, and like it or not this boy was never charged with any act of participant in this horrific case. Yet, in the eyes of the arm chair blogger detective he was accused, tried and convicted. And they have managed to obtain enough support to promote their actions as being protected. This is really confusing, yet it seems to be a very limited amount of people who can actually see this from an objective eye. Its okay to violate the juveniles rights, yet the adults behavior was far from acceptable, yet protected. These are the same adults who fell under the umbrella of protection, Who- violate other people daily, abusing and denying their protection of civil rights and promote anarchy in having them harassed. So, the next time you ask, Whats wrong with the Judicial System? The answer is: Those who take advantage and abuse the Judicial System.

What is amazing, this case has yet to be tried in a court of law against those who have been accused and charged with the crimes. Now, if any of these young men involved at this point and facing trial are contacted, coerced, threatened into confessions, by any means what so ever. This would be deemed poison fruit and if convicted everything would come back with a fury. In the end a mistrial would be called. In essence this would so interfere with the case that it could cause a miscarriage of justice. And they may well walk free due to having their rights violated. These are the same people who appear to be organized in a group that your supporting, and adults are suppose to be responsible decision makers.

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