28 Dec

Many years ago, in a place far far away, I once went to a political meeting, one of the men at the meeting was very reserved and quiet. Rather hard to judge in charecter, he was dressed like a farmer. Levi’s, western shirt with a heavy wool-lined vest, cowboy boots, and a baseball cap. The man was clean shaven and smelled very good as I walked past him standing in front of the top row of seats in the court room. During the meeting he was introduced, and the fact that he was a member of the state house of representatives. I turned around and looked at this man again, wondering what? After the meeting we stood around for a few minutes talking with one another, and I found this man to be very articulate, kind natured and very interested in what others had to say. Well, he must be the right choice is the conclusion I came to. Why hadn’t I met him before I wondered?

Well, several months went by and at another meeting, I watched this very attractive man walk into the court room, dark suit, conservative tie, hair combed neatly, clean shaven. And to my surprise it hit me, this was the representative that I had met several months prior, the farmer. My goodness did this man clean up good. And to boot, we found out this man was not only a rancher but an attorney and a State Representative. Now, in the state that this occurred I can tell you one thing, only two elements about this man made him powerful, the fact that he was a Rancher and the fact that he was a Representative, the fact that he was an attorney, well being the man he was would add the list, without the list of Rancher and Representative. Only the real person he was, kind, considerate, attentive, articulate and carrying about his fellow man made him an important attorney.

I once knew this other young attorney, I say young but we were about the same age. His Uncle had been a attorney in the community for years and also elected as govenor of the state. The younger attorneys other uncle was a very well known attorney in the community. I chuckle when I look back in memories and had a case in court with this young attorney as the defense attorney. He was showboating that day in court, and every question he ask me while I was on the stand, I replied with, can you repeat that question. He even danced on a table that day. Yes, he was a good effective attorney, but one of the problems he had, that respect did not come automatically it is something people must earn. And its the charecter of the person that earns that respect. Where is that attorney today? Well the last anyone heard of him after his disbarrment for having drugs in his office, he was in Vegas working at a casino. Such a shame. And this is a true story.

Only those who know me, and the type of person I am and have been my entire life make me important, for those who don’t know me, nor have they been part of my life can only make assumptions, and you know about assumptions don’t you.. its like assuming. I’ve always figured if someone needs to protect their career, then they themselves are harmful to their own career. Don’t put yourself in a position of having to protect and cover, and you won’t have to worry about it. I look at people in general, we all get up in the morning, and we all get dressed the same way. Or as the ole comment goes, we all pull our pants up just alike. So, the only difference we make as people, is how we treat other people. It doesn’t matter how educated you are, or how much money you earn, its called always doing the right thing. If you don’t understand that concept, then your on the wrong side of the narrow line.

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