Hey Altha

28 Dec

I just checked the stats on the wordpress.. well it seems your going to have to send out flyers to people to ward them away from my blog. Maybe newspaper ads will help. Something isn’t working right with your advising people to stay away and not read anything I write. Obviously, your reading, so we have to count you as a mcgreggorsback blog reader. I just wanted to let you see the numbers, I know your big on numbers and I really didn’t want to disappoint you, but.. Here’s the scoop.

montly stats

Wonder why all of these reads are occurring? after all, you’ve done your best to tell people everything you could possible think of to ward them away. Jeez Altha, whats next? Oh by the way.. I’ll take a poly against your poly any-day.. I’ll also take a psych test against your psych test any-day.. Are You game?

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