Imposterville – followup

26 Dec

I read Murts article tonight, and it dawned on me. This type of creating fake pm’s and dm’s has been going on for sometime.

Last Year, when Cobra was on Twitter, he was receiving dm’s, but the problem was, the dm’s by Twitter rules, can only be sent to someone who follows you. After they started arriving on his phone, we started watching his account. Since he had such a limited amount of people, it wasn’t hard to pull up his followers and watch for one to change its colors. Unfortunately, we never saw one that would go from ying to yang, but the dm’s kept arriving and even listed as coming from Twitter itself.

Yet, the magically act of changing ones name on a twitter account, before it could get caught was either pretty good or there was some strange things going on. Now, I have not used the word hacking, but.. and if.. twitter did not send these, how were they sent, and by whom? and the ramifications of these actions? As you will note, they have not gone away.. saved for prosperity. So, these little things began around the first of December 2011, and ran through about February 2012. There are a number of them, but samples of each month are being posted. And I think the follow up article should discuss Cobra and his Attorney and their experiences on Twitter. Maybe the list of names that was being submitted on a subpoena, that for some odd reason was Motioned to be stopped. One thing about that stopping the motion, because of the case, if anyone went onto twitter back in lets say Sept- 2011 through today, you would find the very people listed on that subpoena were blasting all three, Cobra, Attorney Doug Roberts, and Tim Holmseth. So the Subpoena I do believe had validity. And why did anyone want to stop that Subpoena? I can tell you right off the bat, that Reddios was on that list, also IPhoneQn and a few others. One of my favorite quotes from Attorney Doug Roberts, he was talking about people would have to be Clairvoyant, he said: “I had to look that word up you know, because I’m only a Construction Lawyer”. Thats a great letter, would love to share it with you. Its one you pass on to friends and family, to make sure the letter always stays alive and well and in real time, and real life. Totally intact. I predict someday that letter will be huge part of peoples lives. So, lets go back to posting the fake dm’s.









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