I am really apalled at posters.

26 Dec

Has any one of you people involved in this rape case in Ohio, realized what you are doing to the victim. The young 15 year old girl. You act as if your standing up supporting her and going after the team, but what you are accomplishing is destroying this little girl. This child has to walk out of her house everyday and face people, she can’t go on Facebook or twitter without these issues flying about. What occurred to her. Has it dawned on any of you, that the ramifications of what she went through will stay with her for a life time. She lives in that community, and have you not yet noticed the boys involved in this crime, are now becoming martyrs? When the defense attorney starts on this little girl, you have given him more than enough to go after her. He will literally tear that girl apart. How she was dressed, why she was with the boys, he will accuse her of willingness, he will bring up anything in her past to destroy this child, and you people are helping him. Plus now you’ve really done the deed by trying to justify your own bad adult behaviors. You never gave one concern to the victim. Not one and the same bad behavior you display to the rapist, I wouldn’t be surprised if you have other usernames and avatars that you belittle and demean this little girl. There is a great deal of illness going on.

Sexual Assault in this Country is as old as this country. I’ve heard fools say, if there was more prostitution there would be less rapes. I’ve hear Senator Jessie Helms say, “well women can’t be raped, they can run faster with their skirts up than a man with his pants down.” When is it going to dawn on each and everyone of you, Rape has nothing to do with sex, it is control. The issues and insults involved in the control of this young girl, were signs of contempt. And she knows this. What happens in a few years as this child is still in this community that has been attacked and marred, and well divided. You actually think that under duress of threats and pressure that anyone of those young men who publically admit to having committed this crime, will end up being held responsible. Hell any good defense attorney could get them off because of the duress and threats. In a district trial or an appeal.

You people are making this case a landmark that will single out this town and the citizen who live there as the town that promoted rapist. Thats what your doing. You don’t care about the legal process, you don’t care that what your commentaries have done in harming this case and the future of this community. You claim its based on free speech for prinnie and her crew, what you don’t understand is the fine line that should never be crossed. Your creating anarchy and doing it with a smile.

Where were you people in the last 100 gang rapes, where the girls were assaulted, and physically harmed? Where have you people been? One problem the arm chair detectives have gotten to, first they don’t understand what is legal and what isn’t. They don’t quite understand the due process of law, and although they seem to understand their civil rights to post, they don’t quite understand you cannot violate another persons rights to uphold your own.

This case also involves Juveniles, and the law protects Juveniles.. you don’t have to like it, you don’t have to approve of it, but you don’t have the right to go online and be judge and executioner against these children. Names should never have been released, the details should never have gone public, that video should never have been put out. Stop and remember, 3 out of 10 girls are molested and or raped by the age of 18, and how adults deal with these cases, can very well effect causing an increase of numbers or decrease. But any and all interference should come through education and knowledge in teaching young people who become adult rapist what is right and what is wrong. Start in your own homes, start with your own children. Make sure these topics are taught in Junior High and High School. Allow the police to deal with these classes and teach the ramifications, But as adults don’t go online and create such a mess that you are actually interfering with this case.

You even go to the point of dragging a radical TV personality into the mix, as if this is going to put pressure on Stubenville authorities to drop anything? I would honestly say, Prinnie is going to face the Judge, and so will her posters and commentators. And oddly enough she’s still encouraging others to continue with the rampage in her support to be destructive. And do they care what they may well be bringing their own lives into the mix and the lawsuits. And if the Authorities and the FBI are watching what you do and what you say, you are looking at facing criminal charges. So keep on with what your doing, I’ll watch your trials on TV, and then you’ll get your little day of fame. But, this case will be dealt with in a court of law in Stubenville, Ohio. It will be judged by a jury of their peers. And all of your interference will be noted.

My suggestion, consider the feelings of a 15 year old girl!!

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