Radio sharing her mind again.

22 Dec

It might well be that the Zombies I’ve referred to this last week were already on twitter and the radionewz blog this entire time. A maze of different names all fused into one.  And when they find another twitter personality going after them, as usual just like this past year, the comments come up that its me again. Well, hate to disappoint the crazy zombies, but it isn’t, not Tammy either. Seems Tammy has been off Twitter now for some time. So, now you have another enemy calling you people out, or is it one of your past tricks.. Put up a fake attack site, and bash yourselves and then throw off names hoping your readers will believe that poor little ole you is being bashed by the big bad mcgreggorsback under an assumed name.  Well, lets hope your readers have more common sense than to believe much that squirms out of your mouth.  As I said, its not me!!  And if you don’t believe that, then have your buddy do her voodoo and have twitter check it out.  Will it come back in my direction, or would it just plain bite you fools in the ass.  I think your looking at being bit in the ass myself.

Oh the little photo you managed to put up.. Well, it would really take a sick mind to believe the whole world shares your sense of humor.  And I noticed you took down the little Welcome to North Carolina sign..  Seems like that one was a wake up call, did you have to sober up first, before you realized what you had done. I’m not the only one to see and photo copy it, maybe there are people watching, waiting for you to hang yourself well.

And who cares what you post on TH, he’s a big boy and will handle what ever is thrown at him,  its you crazy’s that should be concerned with Law Enforcement having his Computer hard drive. After all, everything in there is what others have fought so hard to keep off the web.. Everything, and now its setting on a LE  tech bench being gone over with a fine tooth comb and being pieced together.  Everything, tapes, articles, documents, emails etc. All red tagged to pull up a specific name or word.  What could be in there?  And one little word to the wise, Law Enforcement is on no body’s side in general, except their own. And as they dig you never know what frame of mind they might just enter.   You people should realize, that if they found any evidence of TH committing any criminal act on that computer, they would go after him, but if they found evidence of anyone else having committed any criminal acts, they by LAW will go after them. See Law enforcement is exactly that phrase, they enforce the Laws.  That might include, stalking, harassing, information on tapes, etc.  So, in my opinion you can boast and you can rave and you can celebrate, but it might well be a bit premature. Never know what Karma has in store.

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