Seems the Sea Hags Inc. have gone wild last night.

21 Dec

Well hag, let me put it to you this way!!  Levi told you they have Tim’s Computer, and smart drives and any other drives, and his camera memory. Now, if they were going to find any of this on the computer, it would have already been found. And the question is, the little tid bit you threw up from kp, was that recent or was that from a year ago? When she copied his entire website, and book and threw it into a 300 page novel she referred to as a complaint, to summit to domestic violence court, to obtain a restraining order against th.  Now, had he traveled to Florida and faced her in court, she wouldn’t have had an automatic win by default. She would have had to prove her allegations, and then when he produced his documents, this conversation may well not be had.   Second, he has not been found guilty in court for abusing or harming his son. He has every drop of his custody back with his son.  You know you people keep this up, and you may well hurt the other parents capacity to keep her rights with the child. That Judge is not real happy with that woman or her attorney.  Judge Dixon knows everything, and since you people keep bouncing things back and forth between cases,  You have now combined 4 cases together, which means discovery and bringing in defense issues involving others who interfere in a Child Custody case is going to start biting someone in the ass.  You better start checking your facts before you continue running your mouth.  Now, since no information has been out to alert you of whats going on up there in Minn, you have to have a link.  At this point, post what the hell you want, cause when the timber starts to fall, and eventually there will be one hell of a law suit, you just brought your own ass into it.  And thirdly, Timothy Holmseth, never had any photos of HaLeigh showing her little private area.  Never. And if kp says he sent them to her, she may well have to prove that by showing the Judge what she has, and where she got them, and the fact that she didn’t take action on it when she received them. So, take that shove it up your ass.. Image

And by the way, how did you get a copy of this, they took all of these off the internet a long time ago??  Just had one handy huh?  And lets be honest about this, we know the photos exist, and we know who probably has them, and this is saying that KP was aware of those photos in June 2010, did she contact law enforcement? After all she didn’t file that restraining order until September 2011.  Over a year later, she is using this?  And she kept those photos on her computer for a year?  Isn’t that what an attorney is suppose to do?  You posted something that came out of her mouth. Thats what she’s saying, and you posted it..   Hows that working out for you?


Since, it would have violated Federal laws to send those photos by phone, email, snail mail.. And Th doesn’t have them?  Lets see the email that kp was suppose to have received?  You’ve got that too huh.  And that Date your using, I was still involved talking and working with Bunny, and not anything to do with TH, that was before my being attacked by KP on radio forum.  Since that attack came in August 2010.  I think someone has messed up, since I knew nothing of any photos for at least a year later.  Odd huh, dates will mess you up every-time.  But its not the first time the dates slipped up is it?

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