Radio and her I wish List.

21 Dec

So, to give warrant to her aspects of denial, altha aka radio has decided that I was drinking early last evening. Well she could only wish that I were, but I can assure you, thats not going to happen. Is that the only way she can attempt to convince people that what I say and what I’ve said isn’t rational or truthful, unlike the garbage she throws out on her site. And to set back and claim that she is not responsible for what people post her her site, she must be hitting the bottle hard, since she has options. Stop all comments from being posted, stop allowing strange cloned people from gaining access to post comments and articles on her web site. She gives the access, so its her baby to rock and if someone goes after her website, they are going after her and her clones. And radio sure won’t be able to use the excuse, “well your honor, I was drinking last night, and I didn’t know what I was saying.” By the way Altha aka Radio and crones.. There are Judges out there that you can’t manipulate. They can actually see through bullshit!! 🙂

And by the way Altha aka radio, mcnutt or is it mcnitwit, executioner, yancy faith, if you don’t like what I have to say on my BLOG, then don’t read it!! Take your bullshit elsewhere. And by the way, the day or night that I am drinking and blogging, you better run for cover.. Because it is this sober person that re-frames from bad behavior, unlike you and your drunken little rants. Don’t piss someone off who’s temper is one you have never faced.

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